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The new crew in the moonlight


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Love the lighting!

Thank You :D I still need a actual light over top but are chandelier in the dinning room seems to light the place up so it isn't a priority right now lol

beautiful :heart

Thank You the ryukin still has some catching up to your beauties :) I also can see why you love them so :heart they have such cute wiggles and act so noble :) I love it!!

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Those fishies are too cute :wub: And the lighting looks awesome!

Thank You :)

pretty fish..............

Nice lights too !!!..................... :clapping:

Thank You Deb !!! I am really enjoying the light and creates pretty reflections on the ceiling lol ;)

That is awesome. Very cool light.

Thank You :D

:D Great video Karen! Those goldies look great in the night time light!

Thank You Larua :) I think they would of looked even better if I remembered to record it in HD lol

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Graceful bunch of fish you have there. I love the lighting, I also have a moonlight bulb for my tank, but every time I turned it on all the fish would go to sleep, or so it seems. They looked a little freaked out by it. I ended up removing it from the tank. :(

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