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More Anubias concerns


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I see rot like this in new plants occasionally. I normally just assume its from a change in water parameters from their original home vs current and stress from moving. As long as part of the rhizome survives I wouldn't worry, I've have anubias rot completely only to have a small baby pop out of the rot which gave me a new plant. This is why it's smart to keep dying plants around until you're sure they're completely gone. Java fern also can reproduce this way. A rotting leaf and rhizome with often sprout many new baby plants as it rots and dies, my LFS frequently give me these trimmings for a few cents because with some work they become tons of new plants. I dose with flourish in all my planted tanks because even with the fish there are nutrients that they'll be lacking. How long are you light cycles? Anubias often grows best in the shade of other plants so reducing light by just a smidgen can help it oddly enough.

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