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When do lionheads' wens start to develop?

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My three lionheads are now each about 2 1/2" (6.35 cm) long (including their tails). I got them in mid-July (and immediately began the salt/Prazi-Pro regimen you all recommend). Since that time, they've each gotten much rounder, brighter, and about 1/2" longer. They act very happy and appear to be doing really well. They have absolutely no thickening or lumpiness on their heads yet (neither do their tankmates that are still at the LFS, while orandas their size often do have at least the beginnings of wens).

I'm feeding them each 4-5 small New Life Spectrum Goldfish pellets twice a day (except for one feeding a week where I substitute pellets for 2 blood worms each) and fasting them on the day of their weekly 66%+ water change. Edit: They're in a 45 US gallon tank, with (HOB) 10x filtration and an airstone.

-At what size do lionheads' wens begin to grow?

-For those of you here who have lionheads and/or ranchus, how big were yours when their heads began getting all lumpy and extra-adorable?

-Is what I'm feeding them good for wen development? I know it's bad for goldfish's wens to start when they're too young, as they continue to grow throughout their lives; I'm asking because I read somewhere that a certain nutrient is needed for wen growth and I don't remember what that nutrient was.

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Wen growth varies for every fish, and genetics does play a large role in the size of the wen as well. For my orandas, I have had them for over 6 months and their wens have only just started to pop up a little, but one has had more wen growth than the other. In terms of a specific age in which you should expect to see, I personally couldn't tell.

For growth you want to be feeding your fish 1% of their body weight daily, and the best thing for them is a varied diet such as the pellets you have, as well as substituting in protein and vegetables into their weekly diet.. You can make your own fish food too which allows you to control exactly what goes into their diet. There are many gel food recepies on this site :)

Alternatively, Repashy soilent green is used by a few members and they are extremely happy with the food. It has a great dietary balance for goldfish and is very easy to make.

Here are some great dietary articles that you might find interesting!

Written by member Pearlscaleperfect: http://forgetthebowl.tumblr.com/ 'Under create a balanced diet for your goldfish'


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I am new on this site and also new to owning fish. I have 4 goldfish. Two of them are Oranda's and one is a Pearlscale. (4th one Black Moor) I don't own the same kind of fish as you but my fish are between 2 1/2 inches and the biggest is 3 inches from head to tip of tail. I got my Pearlscale about a month ago and he/she did not have a wen but I noticed about a week ago he/she has a bump(s). So I am excited about this. I found out after reading more about Pearlscales fish with a "growth" on their head are called a Crowned Pearlscale. My bigger Oranda's wen is coming in pretty good for the last several weeks. My 2 1/2 inch Red Cap Oranda is barely noticeable. I have to really look to see the "bumps". I'm looking forward to reading all your posts about what kind of food would be good to feed fish to get a better wen. I'd be interested in knowing how old are fish that are that small even??

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