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The New Crew <3


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Hope they were good to your little one!! I went to feed them this morning :( but I'm glad you could take them. maybe a few baby koi next spring :) . ps they have to come back if you can't keep them!!! lol They look happy!

Actually my little one was chasing them around when I first brought them home :rofl Everbody seems to be doing good and I am in love :heart thank you Nicole !!!!!

Soooo cute Ms Colonel! So so cute. Love your ryukin. Calico fish rock my socks! (Or they would - I'm in thongs though)

Really cute bunch!

Lol I have a thing for calicos myself too Thank You geren tea :3

Karen!!! Your Ryukin has the most adorable eyebrow mark ever!!! She looks worried all the time!! I love your crew! They're all so precious!!! :heart

OMG lol I didn't see that like that. Now everytime I look at her I am like it is ok sweety :rofl Thank You Larua !!

Very pretty congrats! Think the calico is my fav.

Thank You!! She is a stunner and knows it ;)

Very cute! I especially love your Oranda, such an awesome color. Good luck getting them to grow and becoming giants in their own right, especially that itty-bitty tele. :D

Thank you!!! I am hoping to do a log on that one specailly since she is so tiny :3

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All beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Your little Tele is adorable!

Thank You ^_^

Yay for cuties!!! :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:

Thank You I am very YAY!!! Right now lol ;)

They're so cute! And they seem to love the sand!

Thank You, and yes they do love the sand :3 which I am very happy about :D

Gorgeous fish.

Thank You!!!! :D

Karen, they are all gorgeous and will grow into even bigger beauties!

That ryukin is a definite stunner. You should be really happy with the prominent hump, especially because she's a calico ryukin! :)

Thank You Alex :D

I am very excited to watch them grow :D and I love me a good hump lol ;)

that baby ryukin is going to be absolutely gorgeous when he/she grows!! and that oranda is adorable :heart

Thank You :3 I am excited to see how they are going to be turning out ^_^

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Oooooooh Congrats!!!!!! What cuties you have there ;)

Thank You !!! :)

Gorgeous fish! I especially love your Ryukin! <3 And the white sand is a wonderful touch! :)

Thank You !! They love the white sand and play in it most of the day :)

you have a beautiful group :heart

Thank You Jess :)

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