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My new guys: Chaplin and Cappuccino


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Thanks everyone. Now you guys can guess who is Chaplin and who is Capuccino...and why?

Chaplin is the orange and black because it looks like he has a mustache like charlie chaplin!


Very cute :)

I think Chaplin is the blacka nd orange oranda because he has a Charlie Chaplin moustache :)

Totally posted at the same time as me PSP lol

Haha, correct.

Congrats on the cuties!~

Is cappucino named because he's an active little thing who swims like he took a shot of straight caffiene? My guess, anyways.

I dunno how you saw that from the picture, but it true he is really by far the most active in the tank. The name kinda came because of the white fine "on top" of the body...I guess I was just craving coffe or something :D

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