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New Calico Ranchu in QT!


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Hi everyone!

I've been so busy lately (house renovations, mainly roofing problems) I've hardly been online lately... But I just wanted to share the little girl I got at my LFS today!!!

She's a Calico Ranchu - my biggest goldie, measuring about 3.5" long. Her name's Nemo because one of her pectoral fins is small, birth defect I guess... Still she's so cute!

Look at those chubby cheeks! This was on our way home...


This is his little pec fin...


And his normal pec fin



What do you think of the new baby?

Thanks for looking! :)

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Thanks everyone! Sorry dnalex and stakos - he'll fit right in with my other finned babies once QT's over :rofl

But I would be willing to accept your ranchu as an Aussie tankmate for my calico... :rofl

You've no idea how hard it was to get a LFS interested into getting good size and unusual fancy goldfish! I actually did this by joining a local Aquarist club and met a few other goldfish lovers here who were having the same problems finding nice fish around - specially ranchus. So we got together and convinced a couple of LFS to order some, I got the first pick though lol :)

They sold out on the big ones in one week and will order some more soon... :) I have my Fingers crossed for a sakura ranchu!!! And maybe a 100gal tank so I can get a couple more lol If my husband doesn't kick me out of the house first that is :rofl

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