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(Re)Introducing Hyperion [Pic Heavy]


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Wow! How many iches he is now? He looks gigantic.

He's only about 4 inches. He's grown quite a bit in the last six months, but still has a ways to go :D

I just love the color change.... WOWOWOWOW !! :yikes

You know, you can send that fish to me :teehee

Thank you, Koko. I love the color change, too!

Are we making a fish exchange? :rofl

Great work, Alex!! He's a stunner!

Thank you, Shawn! :)

Wow! I LOVE the change in him!! So pretty :)

Thank you, Red! :)

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Handsome fish! Want him- send him to meeeeeeeee! Mwahaha. ;)

Thank you, and noooooooooooooooooo :rofl

He's lovely alex! and his color change and growth is amazing! :)

Thank you! I'm really impressed with his changes as well :D

That is a wicked color change! Such a nice fishy! :)

Thank you very much! :D

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wow!! what a gorgeous fish, I love the body formation and the coloration :heart and great growth too! nice work :)

Thank you! I do, too. I am beyond thrilled with this fish. He's actually the reason I will not have any additions/changes to the 55. I hope he will be with me for many many years :)

Wow what a cutie and just pure gorgeous :heart and that is the awesome thing about color changes you can change the name to match!!! :rofl

Yes! They are all re-named after Titans :rofl

Thank you, Karen! :)

Such a change! And in just six months is incredible! :D

Thank you, #2. It is pretty incredible, and I am quite happy with it! :)

Ooooh, he's just gorgeous!! Love him!!! :heart :heart

Thank you! :D

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Great pics Alex!

WOW! Look how much he has grown! Are you sure he's the same fish! :ehh Love his new colours, but for me it's his facial expressions that I love the most. What an expressive fishy! :D

Beautiful! :)

Thank you, Becs! He is definitely a very expressive fish, so it's really fun to interact with him! :)

Beautiful... but I have secretly told the others he is your favorite.

Oh, nooooooooo. Now I'll have a revolt on my hand... :rofl

Thank you! :)

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I'm curious about something. Can you look at Hyperion and say his name without announcing it like he's a gladiator? I don't think I could.

Heck no! All names must be announced with dramatic flair :rofl

Just you wait for the next batch of names :rofl

No Exchange just give me :rofl


Um, I've moved to Antarctica! :rofl

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Wow, I actually like his intial color more. Your pics are awesome, by the way!

Thank you! I love his original coloring, too, but I also knew that it wasn't going to last for too long. I am glad he's turning out so well now. :)

wow gorgeous! i too like the color change very pretty

Thank you! :)

Cool coloring--what a stand out! :)

Thank you! :)

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