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Can't wait... Betta :3


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So I should wait til I could put pictures up but I am excited to share with you guys my first betta (and it

is dead at work lol)

I went to Petsmart yesterday since it was shippment day :carrot: I always look at the bettas but nothing ever really catches my eye except this gorgeous kinda see through betta with lil red poka dots :heart I

have never seen a betta like him. Also he seemed pretty active and was very manly enough to start

making a bubble nest even in his cup lol :rofl

He is currently in a 3 gallon tank til my 5gallon arrives which should be soon since I am getting it free

from a cousin (yay free :D ) I am sooo going to aqua scape this tank then this 3 gallon will become a

tiny aqua scape tank too.

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Sorry guys I was running late to a horse clinic >_< but here they are :) the 5 gallon should come very soon I am hoping tomorrow :please

Super handsome


more blood worms please :)


he built this in about 8hrs oh my lol





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He is so handsome !!!...................WTG................. :clapping:

Thank You Deb :D

He is a beautiful Dalmatian!

Thank You Ashlee :D I wasn't sure if was considered a dalmation :)

Cute! I've got one just like that :)

Thank You!!! Awww I bet he is just as cute then lol ;)

He's lovely and I love it that he has already build you a nest! I had to wait a while before mine started to build a nest:-)

Thank you :D I know he is a nest crazed betta that is for sure since he even had something started in his cup lol.

Beautiful betta, Karen!


Thank You Alex :D

Beautiful! I believe he is a cellophane dalmatian. What a gorgeous guy!

Thank You!!! I wasn't sure if he was a cellophane or not, thank you :D

What a dapper gentleman! Congrats on the handsome fish. :D

Thank You :)

That is a very pretty fish! I love the coloring :)

Thank You Fang !!!! :D

awesome betta! congratulations :)

Thank You Helen !!! :)

Very nice indeed.

Thank You Hidr :D!!

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