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Three Musketeers

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Hello all. Haven't updated in a while, life has been throwing a lot of rubbish stuff at me. Was not loving being a fishmumma for a couple of months but am back on the bandwagon. Here's the three as ever! There's a newbie but I'm saving pics of him for now. Enjoy



P8281912 by Tobeapoet, on Flickr


P8281923 by Tobeapoet, on Flickr


P8281918 by Tobeapoet, on Flickr


P8281911 by Tobeapoet, on Flickr

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Thanks all, if you'd like to see a scale of how big the pearlie is now I have posted on the comparison sticky thread :)

Took tank photos to give an idea of their size. Currently 3 in a 20 gallon due to QTing newbie.

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Thanks so much for the responses guys! It's clean out time tonight I think hehe. They're all pretty happy and getting big now!

The tank light is a UV I think, it makes things glow when I put them near it... came with the tank so don't know anything about it :)

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