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when a male and female fish is ready to mate, the male fish will display breeding stars. the female fish's belly will swell up a little, this indicates that her belly is full of eggs. when the male fish understands the female fish is full of eggs, he will begin chasing her around the tank rather fiercely and bumping into her belly to encourage the eggs to fall out, this is called spawning. the display can be rather aggressive. once the eggs have been spawned by the female and drop to the bottom of the tank or stick to plants, if they decide not to eat them, then the male fish will go to the bottom of the tank and rub his breeding stars on them. what comes out of the breeding stars is something milky white called milt. the milt is the actual seminal fluid that the male releases to fertilize the eggs. during this process, depending on the size of your tank, the water can suddenly foul. if you are not wanting to raise fry, allow the fish to eat the eggs and then siphon out the uneaten ones on the day. do not wait an overnight to get them out of your tank. they do quickly begin to foul and can very well create bad bacteria.

fish normally do not display breeding behaviour until about 2 years of age or more.

here is a thread i made that helps you to determine what gender your fish are


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