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Betta Color Types


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:rofl Stakos quickly contribute something! What is your favorite betta color?

i like orange! bright orange.. but i also like the colour Mr Tuff which is like a deep dark red almost cabernet sauvignon colour.. :D

cheeky you! you forced my contribution :rofl :rofl

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I'd love to help out in making a correct guide! I'd like to properly source the pictures too, I don't like using others work or photos with credit or permission.

That's great, I agree. The photos I've posted are fish I've owned :)

And xpost all you like :)

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OMG THANK YOU! I finally found out what kind of Betta my old Amenephus was. A Dalmation Betta! He was so beautiful. *huggles his spirit*

I find it really funny that they are apparently really uncommon! I got mine from a local dollar mart for only 99cents!! XD

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