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Here are some photos of my pandas just for fun! For the title of this post I also considered (terrible joke incoming) -

Two pandas walk into a bar.... neither of them is a bear.

Is that even a joke? It's beyond horrible, don't worry, I know. Onward!







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So cute! I love pandas.

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Oh stunning!!!!!

Am I the only one who actually :rofl2 at your joke!? No, really I did! :)

Becs you made my day! So glad someone else thought it might be funny? :clapping: Awesome.

Thanks guys! I love them too. I hope the tri color gets more orange in there, how cool would that be? On the uh, fatter.. of the two, it looks like it has black or blue coming in under the black instead of orange so maybe he will keep the black or blue better.

Beautiful Pandas :) Love that colouration. Such nice tails on them too...I like those broad tails.

Are they broad tails? I never know how to tell lol

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stunners! congratulations! they look healthy and adorable :)

Thank YOU for pointing out the pine-coning on the little one who is now healthy, it was so subtle I never would have noticed. With qt and mm he or she had no more problems.

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