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questions about prazi dosage rate & success

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just wondering if people have formulated a better treatment regime with prazi than the one recommended on the bottle(aquamaster fluke & tapeworm tablets 100mg). recommended dose is once then do 25% water change & clean filter medium. redose is 7 days later. i've picked up on a few people adjusting the dosage rate for more effective removal of the pest & would like to hear what worked for people & what didn't.

also am confused as when to return activated carbon to the filter. it says to remove for the duration of the treatment but not when to put it back in!! would the "duration" include the 7 days between doses?

cheers for your input! :)

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a 5 day schedule is typically recommended here because it is a bit more aggressive than the 7 day. Also, 4-6 rounds is generally recommended

Day 1: add prazi (and .1% salt if you're using liquid prazipro, .3% if you are using regular prazi)

Day 4: 50% water change

Day 5: 50% water change add prazi

etc. until you have dosed prazi 4-6 times

A double dose of prazi along with .3% salt can also be used if there is fluke infestation that hasn't been responsive to the conventional schedule

EDIT: the activated carbon is not really necessary to 'remove' the prazi because it degrades after about 3 days. But if you want to use carbon I would put it in at the end of treatment

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