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Guest RedOranda

Has Anybody Ever Seen This Before?

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Guest RedOranda

My oranda has a problem with his wen not staying the same size. I can't figure it out. He has become so unbalanced that he gets stuck in the filter overnight and I have to turn it off to let him loose. His fins are pretty messed up right now. What concerns me is his wen. Nobody has been able to tell me the cause. Could it be a fungus? The first pic is the enlarged wen and the second is after it went down. Yes, this is the same fish in both pics.



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I redid your pic a little. What I'm seeing in the area circled looks like

it may be a bacterial wen infection. It will look like part of the wen

has 'popped' and flops around like rubber glove fingers, or looks


How are the water params in the tank? If you don't have a test

kit, you can take a sample to the local fish store and have them test

it for free. Make sure to write down actual number for ammonia,

nitrIte, nitrAte, and ph level. Don't get OK or good.

This problem can be fixed with super clean water and a medicated

food called Metro-Med. Here's the direct link to order the product:


It will take a couple weeks for it to heal in good water and meds. And

another couple weeks for the wen to start growing again.

Keep us posted on the results of the water tests and any further




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