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hi, I'm button !

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my mom got me today~~~she loves me, waited a whole week to get me. I was hoping no one else came to buy me.

She put me in a new home (QT), gave me some GOOD tasting food............

I hope we share a long happy, healthy life together ~





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Button says thanks "everyone"...

Looking forward to seeing him grow..........

Yes he is Tiny and Cute.............thank you.....

I will be glad to see "the baby" all grown up.....

thanks Alex, we are BOTH proud of him/her !!!! :clapping:

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Oaky...Deb won out and got Button.....but that is where I draw the line.....NO MORE FISH! We are maxed out.....unless we set up more tanks...but we don't have the space or the funds for that....nor the time either.

Deb came in the office/tank room the other day and goes, "Just hear me out and don't get mad." This usually alerts me to the fact that she is about to lay out on of her "well thought out" plans that seem simple enough in her mind but in my mind are as complicated as building the Space Shuttle. "Can you take me to Pet Smart on Friday. You know that little goldfish I was looking at? I want to get it."

So....I said that I would...but that she could only get THAT goldfish...if it were gone, she could not pick out another goldfish....it had to be that tiny white one with the huge eyes (like those people in the Japanese anime films).

He was there. We got him for $2.49. Not sure how much that little fish is going to end up eating out of our budget.....I am trying to keep it at a cost that we can afford.....and trying to keep it so that we do not end up losing half of our living space to fish tanks. Been there, done that, have the shirt to prove it.

Button is now in the 10 gallon tank. I came up with the plan to move Idgie, my young female Convict, back into the 30 gallon tank where she started (Deb moved her this week in an effort to stop my 2 new Bolivians from fighting....didn't work....they still go at each other like Tyson and Hollifield) and to move the 6 Red Eye Tetras into the 20 gallon with Mrs. Mean, my 6.5 year old female Convict....that worked great....Mrs. Mean is out and about and a lot more active...and she is not bothering the Tetras at all.

We will set up a new 20 gallon tank for Button.....and he will have it all to himself. Caldwell and Febber will share the 29 gallon tank....even though I believe that it is 11 gallons too small for the two of them once they both hit full size...but an extra water change a week will keep them happy.

So....what all this means is that the 30 gallon tank got redecorated with additional plants, the 20 has new plants, and the 10 gallon is now bare bottom with a new occupant. Which really just means that I now have to do 3 new videos showing the newly decorated tanks and the new fish in his new home.

Good thing I love doing videos.


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trying to keep it so that we do not end up losing half of our living space to fish tanks. Been there, done that, have the shirt to prove it.

congratulations ya big 'ol softie(s).. :rofl :rofl

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