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TD's Guppies


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That's a whole lot of guppies :wub:

Hey want to count them for me :teehee

Holy guppies!! :P I love that tank. Did he change up the plants? I thought I remembered there being more water sprite before?

Yeah we had alittle plant melt down, we had to keep the lights off for a few days, the heat wave :(

just looks like a tank of little drama queens :rofl

:rofl :rofl

Wow That is amazing I love it :) How do manage a water change without sucking any of them up just curious lol.

Well carefully :lol3

We siphon the water into a bucket, then have the kitchen sink clean and clear, dump them in the tank and then pull them out of the sink if there is some in there. :)

So pretty! So many! :D

^ditto~~~~he should be a proud papa, that tank is awesome !!!.................. :clapping:

Hes loves his tank very much :)

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