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I know I already updated some on this, here a decent, full update.

After I lost five or my six angelfish to what appears to have been a very aggressive columnaris infection, and then also lost a bit over half my neons to this too (leaving the tank almost empty), I have started to stock up again. Everything new is in QT, while the main tank is still under watch, even after the treatment is now over.

I got a ton of tetras at Petsmart's 25th anniversary sale for 88 cent each.

There are 6 neons (probably gonna get a few more), Neon%252BTetra%252BFish%252BPicture%252B003.jpg

6 glowlight tetras (there are 4 in my main tank), _MG_1659s_811289.jpg

4 black neons tetras (there are 4 in my main tank) Black%20neon%20tetra%20hyphessobrycon%20herbertaxelrodi.JPG

and 5 bloodfin tetras (already 1 in my main tank) BloodfinTetra2.jpg

By luck I also came across a clown pleco yesterday. The Pet Supermarket in Charlotte had a couple of them in their tank together with common plecos, labeled as common plecos for $ 1.99. Since clowns only grow to be about 4" long, I decided to get one. You know, I love plecos! :D :D

They also had water lettuce for $ 4.99 a piece. Nice sized plants with roots over a foot long, so I got me two of them as well. I'll try to see how they do in the community tank after QT. On the right end of the tank there currently are no plants, so this would be a great spot for them. I might have to secure them in place with thread, but that's fine. That way they will get all the light from the tank lights, and no plants beneath them will have to suffer from a sudden lack of lighting. And the little fish have the funny roots to seek cover in. The neons in QT already find the roots extremely entertaining.

Today I went to Petsmart and saw they now sell albino bristlenose plecos. I was very tempted, but did not buy one yet. My QT is already overloaded and even with seeded filter and lots of plants I do water changes every 2-3 days, just to be safe. Adding another pleco would make me feel uncomfortable.

Instead I found a very nice looking anubias azfelii. It was much bigger than the other plants of the same "size" (according to pricing), and it already has seven leaves. So I took that one home too. :D

Here something to look at.

The piece of driftwood that you see to the left, I had to remove it because some of the fish developed slime coat issues within 48 hours after adding it. I tested the water and even though this piece of driftwood is boiled, it lowered the pH from 7.7 down to 6.2 :yikes:

So I removed it and added a small stocking with crushed coral to slowly raise the hardness and pH again, in combination with small water changes. I don't want to shock these guys with suddenly jumping back up in pH thanks to a big water change.

This is the clown pleco. I can't get decent photos of him since the tank is in kind of a badly lit place. I honestly had no clue what he was but some people on the aquarium FB page I go to identified him as (spotted) clown pleco for me.


Water lettuce



And the anubias plant


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Thanks everyone!

How were you lucky enough to keep Angel's and Neons together¿

Maybe just luck, maybe because my angel/s grew up with neons. I only have one angel left, and I got him since he was a dime sized baby. He does not bother the neons (neither did any of the other angels that unfortunately passed away) at all. :)

Awesome! :)

Your pleco is very handsome!!! And I am thinking I may add some of those black neons to my stock list for when I start my tank...very pretty!

The black neons are awesome! They are a bit bigger than regular neons, but I love how they look! I also love the combination of different neons/tetras, which is why I chose these four types :)

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Very nice!! What are you going to name the new pleco? (sucky fishie is going to get jealous!)

Clowny Fishie.

j/k :lol

I thought of "Ray" since we originally were in Charlotte because Steven was going to get something to fix up his Ghostbusters costume :D

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we have a clown pleco or some kind of peckoltia.............he is awesome............We have had him for six yrs and the people before us had him six yrs...................we call him Gregory as in Gregory peck.............. :rofl


your tank Fish, plants, etc are looking good..............here's to some UN eventful times........... :hi5

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