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What other Staple Foods can I use Besides Pellets or Mazuri gel

Guest Mike and Linda

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Guest Mike and Linda

Could there be anything in the water its self cause this. silicates, phosphates?? Maybe i am not feeding them enough. They do this with all food.

I know that I have enough oxygen. Their tank temps are about 72 to 76 between the 3 tanks.

What size of gel do you give your fish at one time? Should a piece of gel be big enough that it just fits in the mouth?

Myy fish are barley growing. I have no poop in the tank. I think that they are eating it.

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With soilent green, you can actually give enough so that they take about ten minutes to finish. That's actually not a small amount of food, and you will need to adjust your WCs accordingly.

Why don't you do a video of feeding, showing us how much you feed?

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Guest Mike and Linda

I will do the video next time. When i feed I cut their pieces on a plate and give them two pieces each fish. I have cut pieces that are about 5mm X 15mm. I have about 2 to 7 fish in each tank. Would it be better to just throw 2 or 3 chunks in the tank instead of hand feeding?

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