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That dang pet shop and its fish sales


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So cute! I am amazed that they grow so.big.!

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Oh Lord he is so beautiful!! Or she.

Say, total dumb noob question, but are wild types less aggressive? Will two be fine together in a 55g? Because I recently read that you need at least 120g for two of them, because I was way future planning about maybe having a tiger and an albiono together, but the tank sized put a quick stop to that idea :lol

But if a wild type is less aggressive and they are more likely to get along, that would be neat :)


It's not so much the aggression level of the Oscar that leads to the large tank size needed to keep them. It's the insane bioload that they put on a tank. They are messy eaters, huge poopers, very beefy fish. Lots and lots of bioload! Aggression can be a real problem with Oscars (actually this goes for any cichlid....including "peaceful" cichlids like Angelfish and Bolivian Rams), but the determining factor for the minumum of 55 gallons of water/tank space for each Oscar comes down to the bioload of the Oscar.

Wild type Oscars are no more/no less aggressive than the other color morphs....it all hinges on the individual Oscar's personality. I have talked to folks whose Oscar was a real devil of a fish, and I have talked to a person who kept a Veil Tail Betta in the same tan with their Oscar and the Oscar never bothered the Betta...and they had been tank mates for 5 or 6 years.


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Sorry Fang only the Lutes are calmer then other oscars. My lute is very very calm. And I have been told that is normal with lutes. You would need at least 75 or more for two O's. Mine well be in my 75 when Willow is big enough to eat the same size food as Karma. I got him alone right now to make sure he gets enough to eat.

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