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Tropical Update


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My remaining angelfish has moved back into the main tank and he is doing really good. His fins are slowly starting to grow back and he enjoys not having to have a divider in the tank, now that he is the only angel.

Today I also went to Petsmart to get some floss, and saw they had a ton of tropicals on sale for 80 cent each. I kept wanting to add to mine for a while, so I picked up a total of 23 neons, four different breeds. :D

Now I own a total of 8 black neons, 8 ("regular") neons, 10 glow light tetras and 6 bloodfin tetras. Since I lost 5 angelfish and about a dozen neons, there is plenty of room for these little guys.

The new guys are in QT, of course, especially since the glow light tetras are juveniles and are only 1/2" long. I know my angel doesn't go after the neons in his tank, but they are about 1 - 1.5" in size.

My pleco is awesome as always. He has grown a bit, and he is strangely comfortable with my hand. When he is sucked to the glass, he usually lets me pick him up and will even stay in my hand for a minute. Now I'm tempted to start hand feeding him, having an algae wafer in my hand and see if he will take it while sitting on my fingers :D

Played musical fish and Bullet lives now with Banana. It looks like Dr. Evil and Mini Me. :lol You can see them in the background in a couple photos.

The new tetras in their QT in front of Banana and Bullet



Cid back in he big tank


I love this guy so much


The size difference between the 9" pleco and the 1" oto (on the rock/cave ornament)


Snail love


Cid begging for food


Cid taking his own temperature


Sucky Fishie in my hand


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Ooo, I love the tetras! I would love a big planted tank full of them.

And Sucky Fishie is so cool -- I wish I has space for one. :heart :heart :heart

Thanks! I love tetras too! I'm planning on getting a better light fixture and more plants to get the tank planted more densely. It is so neat looking how all the different breeds school separately from each other!

And plecos are really awesome! I know that he will make me have to upgrade some day, since he can grow to be twice the size he already is. But that is ok, I'd love to have a monster fish like that! :D

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Aw. :Congrats: on your new finned babies.

Everyone's looking really good! I love Suckie Fishie! :)

Thanks, Alex! And yes, S.F. FTW! I have this guy ever since I started out with goldfish, more than four years ago. I think he might be bit stunted from the conditions he was kept in by the uneducated me for the first year of his life though.

Haha! For a second I thought "What? She put her goldfish and tetras in the same tank?" Then I saw it was 2 tanks. :P Silly me!!

LOL I does look like one tank, I know! :D But these two tanks are just right in front of each other, which makes for a very interesting effect :)

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They are looking good Fang :D. I am so happy that Cid pulled through.

Yesterday I moved 5 neons out of qt and into the big tank. I was amazed by the difference in the look of the school.

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