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Goldfish Babies and Bristlenose Eggs, all tonight!


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About a week ago, every goldfish female in my 3 tanks laid eggs the same day! Two of the tanks had only females, the third had 2 males and one female.

I've been upgrading tanks and switching fish around. Could that have been what caused the girls to make all these eggs?

I have never wanted to breed goldfish so I left the eggs in the tank for the goldfish to pick off (as I always do).

A few days later, I pulled one plant out of the 2 male/1 female tank and placed it in my 10 gallon "plant grow out" tank. It must have had some eggs on it because tonight I saw 3 baby goldfish! At first I thought they were mosquito larvae.

Then, I look in the tank housing my 2 bristlenose plecos, and there is a whole mass of Bristlenose eggs in the coconut hut! I recently placed the male and female together, maybe 2 nights ago, they had not been together in years!

I've never wanted to breed goldfish or bristlenose plecos, but I am excited! I'm still not sure if I want to grow them out (then keep them or try to find homes for them). They would be a quick snack for my adult goldfish and turtles, but I don't know if I want to feed them off either.

I didn't do anything special to breed these fish, I wasn't even trying! It is an exciting find, I guess they are happy. :D

I forgot to mention, the goldfish female is a single tail telescope. One male is a single tail telescope, and the other mane is an eggfish.The bristlenose are both short fin albinos.

Pictures soon to come...

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I would be so excited! I want goldfish babies just once. I love the little ones and would love to watch them grow. I am so excited for you.

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Cool! You should try to keep them. Based on the experiences of members here, that's easier said than done, so I wouldn't worry about what to do with them until you see if they make it.

Did you get the corner tank, Acro?

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Counted 7 goldfish fry today! And found a 2nd smaller batch of Bristlenose eggs in the Coco hut!

Take a look:

The goldfish babies are tiny, hard to photograph.



Two fry in thse pictures.





Albino bristlenose pleco dad guarding eggs.

View from below, no flash.


View from below, flash on.


View from the front.


Thanks everyone for the congrats and such! :D

I knew all of you would tell me to raise them up. lol

No corner tank ShawneeRiver, one craigslist person beat me to it! Almost had it, so close, its ok, there will be another.

Do you have Albinos ashlee18?

Thanks for looking!

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Counted 9 goldfish babies tonight!

Gave them their 1st feeding. Crushed up some of the Japanese goldfish food I brought back, into a fine powder, and sprinkled it on the surface. Saw them take little tiny goldfish bites! I am sure they were eating whatever small microcritters were in that plant tank, but who knows when that would have run out.

Bristlenose dad is still watching over his eggs. Now and then I find two or three pushed out, I just place them back in with him. The mom stays under some wood close by.

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After I wrote that last post, I had to go out of town for a week. I did not have a pet sitter and was worried about the fish babies and eggs.

On my return, two goldfish babies had survived! (better than I expected) and ALL the bristlenose eggs had hatched!

Have a look:

Goldfish babies in a cup.


ALL the bristlenose babies with their Dad (bottom view).


One baby out and about. (Over the past few days they have all started to come out)


Fish babies are cute. :D

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They are like cute little specs!


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I went out of town for about 5 days and returned to happy healthy fish babies! Take a look at them:

The bristlenose babies are really starting to explore.



Goldfish babies are growing and easier to photograph. Can you find them in the pictures? Hint: only one goldfish baby per picture.




And...something new. I've been home for 2 days now and last night, I was checking on the bristlenose tank, and look what I found!


More bristlenose pleco eggs!!! The 3rd batch sofar, all in less than a months time! (notice the babies from the 1st two batches in the picture)

I think I may need to separate the parents for a bit, give me some time to care for, and find homes for all these babies!


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