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Surprise babies!


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Actually, that is a misconception :D There really is not much of a "natural death". With proper care, and no natural predators, the majority of these fish will survive. That is why breeders cull the majority of their fry for fins and color, otherwise they would have thousands of fish every other month. :yikes

You're quite right, it would seem. Thank goodness I don't have that many!

There's a portion with noticeably odd tails, eg uneven, and as their colours develop further I suppose that will have some weight as well.. I've culled a few for obvious problems that would affect quality of life, but haven't so for more minor things like that. (One of their fathers had several deformities when we bought him, unknown to us, who were lucky to know the difference between a fantail and a comet at that point :lol3 It hasn't affected his ability to swim, eat, etc, and my daughter loves him as much, if not more than, the others). So I'm left with the choices of culling, classing as feeder fish, or homing them as is. Sense says, one of the first two.. conscience says nooo!

I know what you mean. I'd feel so bad because I'd think "who am I to decide you have to die just because you aren't as pretty as your brothers and sisters?!"

Because of that, I could never intentionally breed. Especially when they get bigger and start to look like real little goldfish :( My heart would break.

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