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Tahno the Lionhead

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This is my little lionhead I got from Starlight Fisheries, he/she's 4 months old now and keeping to my theme of Avatar names I went with Tahno, no idea if it's a boy or a girl but I love it non the less. Doesn't eat my plants just rips them up, wouldn't mind if they ate it!

Anyway today I got some pictures, they aren't the best because he doesn't keep still and I'm not 100% perfect with settings yet. Since I got him/her they've been eating from my hand, swimming into my hand when I'm trying to measure them via hand and keep nibbling me when I clean the tank and they've grown roughly 1/2 an inch since I got them.








My Ryukin Asami is still at my friends house, need to get her back soon because it's been two months quarantine for her. I never expected to have two calico's, seeing they aren't my usual colour but there you go!)

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Are they named after Legend of Korra?

Yep :'), it happened after my friends tradition of using Chinese names for hers, I found Bolin in a list and it went from there.

Lovely lionhead!

Thank you! ^^

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Thank you everyone <3 I'm planning to take quick videos every 2-3 days and photos fairly often to see if he gets any colour changes and such, seeing he's still little so you never know, from my pictures I think he's getting a tiny bit more black from when I first got him.

Omg! xD excellent!

He is precious. <3

If I get a bigger tank I'll probably get a Korra or Amon for these guys :') but right now I'll stick with two, not sure where we'd put another tank at the moment! Asami's a calico like this guy, not sure if she looks any different to when I last saw her, it's been a while since I've had a chance to visit her at my friends. She's about ready to get back anyway <3

So tiny, but he'll get big pretty soon.

I can't wait to see him get bigger, he looks so tiny on his own in the tank right now! Be interested to see how his wen grows in as well!

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