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Pebbles' planted tank - finally trying plants :-)

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Hi All,

I had been thinking about setting up a planted tank to keep Pebbles entertained and take his mind of tail biting. And then I saw Tithra's tank ..... and seeing that I was planning to go to my LFS this afternoon anyway..... Guess what I did :carrot:

BTW, I posted earlier what plants I had bought - but that was from memory (where the term black hole originated). Here is what I really got: 1 little pot of water sprite this had 4 plants in it and 2 small java ferns which I split into four. I still had in a container (bought yonks ago, but never planted) a bit of anubias and a bit of what might be a crypt (not entirely sure about this one). I also found the perfect piece of Mopani wood.

I attached 2 pieces of java fern to the driftwood and 1 piece to a rock. the fourth piece of JF is quite small and is still floating unattached in the tank. I might attach this one to the driftwood too, but not sure yet. I used fishline to attach the plants to the wood, but I've now found out you can use black cotton thread, oh well. I had to place rocks against the wood to prevent it from drifting up. I'm really happy that I found the mopani wood. it was the only piece in the store and I really like the shape, the two tone effect in the wood and the fact that it is very smooth so Pebbles won't snag his fins, I hope!

I still had some golden coloured small, round gravel which I washed and after planting the water sprite, anubias and the crypt i broke of bits of root tab and pushed these close to the plants. I still have one silk plant in there. It fills up the space until the plants grow in and Pebbles likes to make his bubble nest underneath one of the leaves and sometimes sleeps on the highest leave.

I was planning to just get a snail, but got talked into also getting 3 golden cloud minnows (I thought they needed a minimum of 5, but the LFS said they would be okay with 3). I was a bit worried sticking other fish with Pebbles, but the LFS guy said the minnows would be too fast for him. And it looks like he was correct. Pebbles chased after them for a while, but now seems to be deliberately ignoring them, like: 'I'm not even gonna try, but if I really wanted to I could so catch these little twerps easy" :lol

I'm a little more worried about the snail, I've seen Pebbles stare at the snail in that keeping perfectly still hunting-posture and he's bitten the shell a couple of times. The snail seems to be smart enough to disappear when he's too close. Keeping fingers crossed!

Oh and I also checked a brighter lamp I had in storage and it worked!!!

Okay, here is the video.....

Would love to know what you think and if I should change/add anything.

thanks for looking

BTW, I tried going 5 days without a water change (after weeks and weeks of daily and every other day water cchanges). This seems to generally be the most used water change schedule. But it is not for Pebbles. He started to get holes in his top fin and part of his tail fin has again disappeared. I'm letting the next water change be dictated by the parameters testing of Pebbles tank, but will change earlier than 5 days for sure.

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