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New Goldfish


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Since lemon died my ryukin has been sleeping alot more because he is lonely.

so I decided to buy another fish since I was going in the pet shop direction yesterday.

So when I went to the fish section the first thing I saw was a tank full of huge orange orandas and i wanted one straight away. they were labelled "Jumbo oranda"

But then my mum showed me the quarantine label and I got disapointed, I looked for other fish but they only had very little fish. So instead of leaving we asked when those giant orandas will be out of quarantine, and they checked and said they can go today so I chose the smallest one xD

He cost me £30, that is $46 I think xD

I have named him chan now.

On his side there is a healing wound with about 3 scales missing, but it appears to be healing well.

His fins are a bit ragged, but they look healthy and all.

He was getting chased by my other fish yesterday but now heh as stopped hehehe

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what kind of salt should i put in? hehe

is your tank cycled? if it is, then you will use aquarium salt, or i believe the green box of Morton's salt is the cheaper alternative. 1 tespoon of salt for every US gallon. here is a link to salting http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/94546-on-the-use-of-salt/

if your tank is not cycled, then please do not use salt as the salt can raise ammonia to really toxic levels and cause harm to your fish. just add prazi. ok?

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what a beautiful oranda! Good luck with your QT! He looks like he may need a little extra TLC. Please feel free to post if you have any questions during the QT period!

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