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Tora Has Dropsy

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Everyone has been eating them for days!

You are feeding EVERYONE Metro-Meds? :o

I wasn't aware that was what you intended to do, and would have suggested against it had I known.

Yes, you should be OK, as long as you continue treatments. Do you have Jumpstart or some other probiotic containing foods to feed once the course is over? If not, there is a distinct possibility that one or some of them will end up being really floaty afterward.

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Yeah,,,why not? I figure in case anyone else might have an internal thing going on, we can clean them out. There was someone else in the tank, maybe a couple, with long stringy poop.

Will it hurt them?

I can list a number of reasons why it's actually not a good idea:

1. With the potent combination of meds, you essentially will kill EVERY bacteria in the gut, some of which are beneficial for normal fish functions. As I mentioned earlier, if these populations are not properly replenished after the medicated food course, they could end up being floaty, because another type of gut bacteria have established predominance.

2. These strong meds are very harsh on kidneys, although Metro-Meds are more gentle than Medi-Gold.

3. Medications are stressful, and could leave the fish susceptible to other types of infections.

4. Using antibiotics when it's not needed could create a tolerance situation, and the meds won't be quite as effective the next time around.

5. With that many fish, there is no way you could have made sure that they ate 1% of their body weights. That means some will get a lot less, and those ones are the ones who may end up brewing antibiotic resistant bugs. :(

In any case, it's done, and now the thing to do is to finish the course.

Edit: It may be stressful for her to be alone in QT, but you jeopardize everyone's health (possibly) by keeping a sick fish in the main tank.

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I just want to say one thing guys :)

Just remember when using the Antibiotic food..... Goldfish have a system just like us (to a point).

So feeding any fish these meds in a casual way is very harmful if the fish aren't sick.... It would be like, if lets say you're sick but your other half isn't, but your other half takes the medication too (just encase :o). Now that would mess that persons system up. :o

I'm just trying to help people realize why we don't want to feed it to the other fish in the tank if they aren't sick.... :)


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