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Update on my fry!


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Update on the oranda fry! Photos tomorrow! :clapping:

The hatch date was approx. 3rd June... So we would be about 6 weeks in age wise. :flex: So far no disease, and everyone has moved from BBS to powdered flake. Algae is avaliable also in the tank, and I plan to start crushing NLS for them soon and maybe getting some ground dried bloodworms or similar going... But, so far, so good! Even if I am kind of slack about it :oops: Water changes have been… Sporadic at best, probably twice weekly 50% to remove uneaten food. But now that I am free from uni and placement for a few weeks I hope to be able to focus on them more and keep up with daily WCs, especially since I have not seeded and turned the filter on in this tank yet (they still have issues fighting even slight currents) :krazy:

So now I have culled allllll my goldfish fry down to around 20 (From around 40 remaining previously from the original 80ish hatchings.) and moved them all into one 20L/5gal tank (from the 2 5Gal used previously) yesterday to free up a fry tank/the emergency QT tank for JIC. These 20 all look pretty good so far, their spines are starting to curve and bodies shorten, and most show good divided tails. Any fish with obvious deformities has been weeded out now (a few with missing tails, a few with S shaped spines, etc. Most fish like this died naturally I found. (The few that remained were sickly and stunted :no: poor little guys, it was getting unethicial to keep them going :no: ).

I've noticed their is a large size discrepancy between the fry despite being the same age (within 24 hours of each other anyway), and the largest one of the batch in particular shows promise, though it's too early to really tell. She'll be big like the parents anyway for sure. Theirs another 5 or so I have good hopes for too! :krazy::carrot:

I'm going to try to cull down to 5-10 over the next 3 months (any 'culls' from here on out will be sold as pets) and raise those ones to adulthood. By the time they reach the .5 inch mark it should be warm enough to shift them outside.

I had a minor setback a week ago. I live in a quite cold place at this time of year, and I went away for a few days. In my experience most frys (given I have not raised goldfish fry indoors/out of a pond before though) can tolerate a few days without food as long as they have been well fed prior and they are not being kept at overly high temps (increased metabolism). So off I go for a few days, turning the house heating off and forgetting that I no longer have heaters in the tanks…

Well, I came back to tanks at around 4*C! My poor adults were in hibernation! Everyone is ok and no one was hurt (fries included!) but lesson learned! :krazy: :krazy: :krazy:

I have noticed that this has stunted the frys growth however. The combination of cold and making up for a few days of missed food has them lagging behind where I would expect them to be at by this stage. :no:

Photos tomorrow! :)

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