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Concrete Block Aquarium Stand


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I wanted a cheap, very strong stand for my 40B tank, with room for a 5 gallon filter and some other items, and storage underneath. My house is on a concrete slab, so weight was not an issue. Cement blocks were the way to go. I used:

Six regular 8x8x16 blocks

Three half-high 4x8x16 blocks

1/2 inch plywood 60"x20"

Two pieces of 2x4, 49 1/2"

Two pieces of 2x4 18 1/2"


Dark gray concrete stain

Two plastic storage boxes http://www.lowes.com..._sales_dollar|1 (These are discontinued, and I paid a LOT more back when I bought them.)

I screwed the 2x4s together, then screwed on the plywood top.


I gave the blocks two coats of concrete stain, and stacked them far enough apart so the boxes would roll in between. I used some shims to level them a bit, and dropped on the top. The 2x4s go outside the cement blocks, so the plywood is resting on the blocks. I could have made the top stronger by putting a couple more 2x4s crosswise, but this is more than strong enough.


Eventually, I will tile the top of the stand. I want to use vinyl tiles for light weight and smooth surface, but I haven't found the right ones yet. Laminate would be nice, but I have had bad experiences trying to use it. UGH, contact cement! So until I get the tiles, I am protecting the top from water with plastic -- just some vapor barrier left over from doing a floor. It doesn't look too bad.


The boxes fit neatly into the spaces and sure hold a lot of junk.

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I built this initially just two full blocks high. I wanted the tank low so it was like a pond. I can easily see the fish from above or through the glass, and they get to see me as I look from a pond. I found the boxes, and thought they would fit under the top, but forgot about the 2x4s, which they hit. So I got the half blocks so I could rebuild when I moved the wakin to their pond.

Yeah, building with concrete blocks is really cheap (unless you include the chiropractor's bill, LOL). I want to use slate-patterned tiles, but vinyl tiles are hard to find in FL, where houses are built on concrete slabs. Ceramic tile is standard here. Two summers ago I helped my sister in WI tile her kitchen with some beautiful slate patterned vinyl. I'm going to look for that when I go up this summer.

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Yet another nice DIY project, shakaho! Thank you! :)

(I had a concrete block stand for my older 55 as well, but that one was nowhere near as creative as this one.)

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Id use 3-4 columns of 3 (8" tall) blocks then if not useing boards inbetween. And 2 (8" tall) blocks and a 6" tall block if you do use boards inbetween.

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