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new shoot, in no apparent order 29.06.12


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Wow, those are pretty amazing photos! I love the ranchu's/lionheads (I can never tell the difference :doh11: ) they're all very cute! :D

thank you Alex2 :D mine are Ranchu :)

They are all beautiful, Helen! Very artistic, as well! :)

I see that you played with different lighting :lol2

thank you Alex1 lol..

yes, i had to play with different lighting.. i helped you buy a camera which is just as talented as mine.. now, i must use my creative flare to better picture quality :Jig: you'll never beat me, i am GEMINI! :whistle :whistle

Mygod, I just adore your calicos. <3

thanks hun :heart

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Beautiful shots!! The lighting makes for very effective pictures. :D

LOVE your ryukins.

thanks hun. you should try it too.. i see you got some flowy fins happening there that would come up nicely with an overhead light :)

I love them! They just look so proud!

thank you :heart

They are such a gorgeous bunch!

thanks fang :)

I love the shots

thanks fede :)

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Thanks for making me drool first thing in the morning ;) (wipes mouth) What Beautiful shots you have taken :) Thanks for sharing :)

thanks shelly :bighug

Love love love! Always. :hug Love your fish, your photography skills and your camera! :wub:


aawww.. thank you :heart

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So beautiful

thanks hun :)

WOW hun you take such great shots. And they are so so beautiful

aaww.. notice i don't have any chocolates? hehe... i'm scared to risk losing any to you! :D

I love your Ranchus! :)

thanks Jenny :)

Helen just gorgeous, these pictures are worth a thousand words of infinite beauty, strength, and grace. <3 :)

Thank you for sharing :)

thanks Karen :)

beautiful fish and photography!

thank you :)

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