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Tiny Angels


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I decided to give "adding a couple more angels" a try. I was at Petsmart today to buy frozen food and they had a tank full of new juvies. They are all dime size and some of them very pretty, even had a couple kois in there - and I always wanted one.

So I picked one of the kois and a very long finned silver guy with a unique pattern at the base of his tail. They are currently in my empty 2.5g with a bubble filter and a bunch of live plants. Probably gonna set the empty 10g up soon to give them more room. I just don't have room for the 10g itself, unless I put it on the floor, and that sucks for cleaning (zero suction).

The silver guy is funny, he is trying to act all tough toward the big silver angelfish in the main tank four inches away from him LOL

Anyway, here are the pics. The koi is my personal favorite, I really hope I can keep them/him(her).

They make this tank look so big LOL


See the pretty pattern on the tail base. Generally, amazing fins already!


Trying to start s*it already


Both of them together


ISNT THIS THE MOST ADORABLE LITTLE KOI EVER???!! D: D: D: I fell in love with him at first sight


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They are cute. But they are too much drama. You are brave!

Thanks! I'm hoping that as suggested by some members on here as well as by the aquarium club on FB I recently joined, a larger group will do better as the aggression is spread out more.

I have set my mind on the fact though that if this does not bring improvement, these two new guys will be rehomed and the dividers used again.

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:Congrats: Fang. They are beautiful! :)

Thank you, Alex! :D

They are adorable!!!! I am a fan of the silver angel, but I am biased as my first angel was a silver.

I do love the silver ones very much too because of their more natural look. Especially when there is a group of silver ones - which also was the reason why as second fish I chose this silver guy. Other than that there were "only" marbles and the other koi (and other, less impressive looking silvers).

Love them both. Good luck

Thanks Hidr! :)

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Good luck, Fang, hope you get to keep them both. Keeping more worked with my cichlids (they would KILL each other) and angelfish are cichlids so here's hoping! They're both really beautiful and I love the little guy trying to start sh*t with the big one. :rofl "If it weren't for this glass, I'd pulverize him! I'd murderize him!" :rofl

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