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Update on my tank and fish

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Okay, some of you might remember that I had 2 fish in Qt ... Well sadly they didn't make it...

Good news is my Bf got me a new fish and it succesfully made it throught his/her first weeks, in fact we have had him/her for about a month now. This fish is very energetic and show no signs of illness, which is such a great feeling after all I've been through with my past fish.

So here is our baby Wakin (called Kimmie);


I know this littlle guy needs a lot of space, so he is on its own (and seems happy) in my 26 gallon.

When he grows bigger I'm ready to get a new tank or find someone who has a pond.

Tell me what you think ^^

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Very beautiful wakin :)

YES! Thank you ^^

Very nice!


Thank you! Do you have experience with them?

What a cutie :thumb:

Aww, thank you so much ^^

wow, what a cutie :heart

THANKS a lot ! :D

Very nice :)

Hehe, thanks ^^

I love your wakin and his coloring! :heart

Yes, he's almost RED thank you :D

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