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update on the new guys


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we had earth tremors here, many of them, so i decided to shift all the new guys in qt to a safer tub with a cork base until the tremors were over. took the opportunity for a photoshoot :D (as you would during these horrid times! :rofl )




she's actually my tallest in height: (ryukin ppl get what i am saying ;) )




this one has that beautiful blue shining through as calico's should :D




here is my confirmed male.. he had breeding stars when i got him. i've not checked genders for the others, just the big one looks like a girl..




and the new chu joined their qt and will remain with them until they enter the main tank: (he's such a sweetie :heart )





they're all doing really really well :)

:heart :heart

thanks for looking :hi

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I am soooooo happy they are doing well :D I can't wait to see them swimming around your tank!! I hope your tremors stop too.

thanks Karen :) i can't wait to get them in the tank also!.. and yes, the tremors have stopped for now. it's been a few hours since the last one, hopefully that's all finished now :) everyone's been shifted back to where they should be now..

oh they are all so very pretty :) and that chu is just too cute :) hope all the shaking is over for some time ;)

thank you shelly :heart

So happy that they are all well. That last picture made me laught really hard. :rofl

:) he's a sweet chu with a cute face and cute wiggle.. funny dude :D

They are all just so beautiful! :)

thanks Alex :)

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Oooooh they are very very nice.

Like the 3rd Ryu and the Chu, lovely.

Sush a nice size too!! :))

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They are looking good! That ranchu is too much. The last picture is what I want to do with all cute fish, just squish their cheeks!

:heart thanks hun..

I think you need a fork lift for those guys hun :lol3

they're quite chunky, but that's how i like them :D

They are so pretty.... and huge!!! :heart :heart ...... and that chu is such a cutie!!!!

thanks hun :D

Oooooh they are very very nice.

Like the 3rd Ryu and the Chu, lovely.

Sush a nice size too!! :))

yah! i love my giants.. i have my fingers crossed all goes well with them :)

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They look great, Helen! I laughed at that last picture too :rofl So happy they're doing well :heart

i know!.. i laughed when i first saw it too.. had a similar one in his introductory thread, but this pic tops that one off!.. :D

The Chu is adorable! Have you found any parasites in the poop?!

thanks hun.. yes, indeed i did.. in ALL the new guys. that's why they've gone through 2 salt dips each and are on AntiParasite internal and external treatment.. i won't be checking them for parasites again until we're half way through the "no meds" cycle of next round.

The Ryukins look in great condition aand have amazing colouring, but the best in my eyes is that ranchu!

oh really? but you're a "RyukinFan" primarily... no? :rofl .... i know what you mean.. i have a passion for Ryukins, a love for Ranchu :heart

They are all so gorgeous, and huge! Every time I saw the next picture I'd be like oh, this is my favorite, no this is my favorite, and so on :)

i hear you loud and clear!.. if i could only show you the beauties i left behind :( they were all so gorgeous.. i still think of one or two of them that i couldn't bring home :( i won't be visiting there for a while. but, i am at my comfortable stocking limit, so i'm not buying anymore. (i hope).. lol.

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