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All of my fish


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Ok, so I am finally posting pics of my fish -


This is "Bug Eye" when I first got him.


Here he is now - totally orange, but very happy and a great eater. I have seen the most growth from him.


This is Steve when I first got him, in december 2011.


Here he is last week with Panda (RIP). He has definitely grown, but no real wen growth.


This is Mac and Cheese - I have had him about 6 months, and he seems to suffer from "failure to thrive." He was always a little sickly and has a little bump at the front of his dorsal that prevents it from going straight up. He eats well, though.

He also has a weird scale pattern and gill cover.He hasn't really grown all that much since I got him, and I never noticed the blue spot behind his right eye until recently.



This if Freckles. He has not grown either. His right caudal fins are much smaller than the left, and curl. He looks completely differet on either side. He was sold as a faintail, but he looks Ryukin to me.



This is Obama. He went through some hard times back in February, but is doing great now. He is my only fish that does not go up to the top of the tank during feeding. He will only eat sinking pellets, and almost never gets above the half-way mark for any reason.


This is Pompom the pearlscale. He hasn't grown much. He also recently has some issues. He seems to be doing fine now.


This is Gorgeous George or GG. He is the latest addition, and is still in QT.


Group shot.

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Oh my Gosh so many cute fish I can not pic a fav ;) love the look of your tank so far ;) can we have a full tank shot??

Here is an old pic, right after I set it up.


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Nice Fish.

GG looks gorgeous :)

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