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Ryukin with damaged mouth

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I'm depressed about posting in this particular sub topic in the forum, but I need help.

-Ammonia: 0

-Nitrite: 0

-Nitrate: 20-30

-Ph (Tank): 7.6-7.8

-Ph (Tap): 7.4-7.6

-Test Kit Brand: API drops

-Water Temp: 82 F (Finishing Ick quarantine)

-Tank Size: 51 gallons

-Filter: 2 Aquaclear 70

-Water Change: 1x a week 60%

-Inhabitants: 4 in all, a Ryukin (6+ inches), an Oranda (5.5 inches), a Lionhead (~6 inches) and a Telescope (6+inches)

-Last Water Change: 4 days ago: 60%

-Additives: Prime, Salt @ 3% (Finishing Ick quarintine)

-Diet: Frozen Bloodworms, Veggies, brine shrimp- 3 different types of pellets ranging in brands: Hikari, Aka-sai, Omega one etc.

I feed them 1x to 2x a day.

-Medications: Currently on Jungle medicated food for their wierd empty poop casings- I had another thread on this, it got a little worse so I started them on meds. Poop is improving.

Treatment History:

Oranda and Ryukin have been in the main tank for 3 months and did four rounds of Prazi

Lionhead and Telescope were in a seperate 16 gallon QT where they recieved 5 rounds of prazi and salt up to 1% for a month.

I transferred both the Lionhead and Telescope into the main tank where I began salt treatment for Ick for the entire main tank.

Before transfering the Lionhead, and Tele my Oranda and Ryukin were having poop issues (empty casings) I upped the quantity of food and saw improvement within a week, and as how my QT with Lionhead, and Tele were up I decided to transfer them so I would only have to keep an eye on a single tank.

They all did fine up to 3 or 4 days ago where they all were having the empty poop casings again despite me not lessening the food intake, so I decided to treat with medicated food for internal infections or parasites.

Now onto the reason for this thread.

Somehow my Ryukin damaged his mouth. No idea how, I have a small layer of gravel for them to play with but they are all small enough to be spit back out without an issue- it's the only thing in the tank that might be responsible.

I managed to take a picture before my cell phone's battery died.


On the left his lip is curled inward and when swimming he's chewing on it. I grabbed him and with a q-tip gently pushed out, I managed to place it correctly but when I let him loose he'd suck it back inward and chew on it.

Please tell me this is reversible.

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I don't think that this is an injury that resulted from some sort of physical impact. Collapsed mouths could happen from flukes, and unfortunately, there isn't much we can do. It's also not reversible. However, as long as the fish is still able to eat, he should be fine.

What medicated Jungle food are using? Did the fish have ich? Also, if you've done a 60% WC 4 days ago, and your nitrates are already at 20-30, may I recommend upping the amount to 80% at least?

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I apologize for getting back so late, when I read your reply- I needed to take a break and distract myself from the disappointment of my Ryukin being permanently disfigured this way.

He seems to be adjusting fine with this new disability, and I'm just happy he can still voraciously eat. If his mouth was completely useless, and I had to watch him waste away- I don't know, I would be absolutely heart broken. But that doesn't seem to be the case, and he's rolling with the punches. I guess I will too.

As for your questions:

The medicated food I'm feeding is:


I don't have the original packaging were it lists the active ingredients, but it says in the label that it prevents wasting- which is what I was worried about if my goldies were pooping empty casings.

Ick issue:

On the second day of just adding my Lionhead, and Telescope into the main tank from QT my Tele had three ick grains on his eye. At that point I started the salt treatment. No one has any physical symptoms of ick at this point, but I wanted to maintain the 3% salinity for an entire week after seeing the last speck drop and slowly remove the salt and lower temp. That was 6 days ago, so tommorrow I'm gonna start diluting the concentration.

Water changes:

My tap registers 10ppm of Nitrates, so it's very difficult for me to maintain a low count of nitrates in my tank. I'm currently doing water changes the old fashioned way with numerous back-and-forth trips with a 50lb bucket of water. 60% is what I am capable of physically doing right now, and 1x a week is all the time I can put aside each week to do this.

This is all temporary however I currently have the aqueon water changer in my amazon.com cart and am waiting for my paycheck (this Thursday) to come through so I can finally order this and join the rest of you in 21st century fishkeeping. Then I'll be doing at least 80%.

I'm assuming since the collapsed mouth might be a possible affect of flukes, I should start another round prazipro for my group? I can start it when I've diluted the salt concentration so that the prazi can be effective.

Thanks for your help, by the way.

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I think it's a good plan to start the Prazi once you've gotten the salt down to less than 2%. As a general rule, if a fish has ich, there is a very strong likelihood that other parasites such as flukes are also around.

How many days have you treated with the Jungle food? I usually equate empty casings and not eating well to more of an internal parasite issue and not so much bacterial (although it could be that, too). In general, internal parasite issues are protracted issues that can possibly be around for years and cause wasting, while internal issues, if not resolved quickly are more likely to result in a more immediate death. Nevertheless, you should finish the 14 days of antibacterial food, as per the instructions, and then review the poop issue. :)

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