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Fat betta's in community tank


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I've got a healthy 29 gal tank mixed with swordtails, neons, rasboras, frogs, snails, and my new little additions 3 bettas. One male named King Tutu and 2 females.

At first they did display some fighting but after the initial battle, all other arguments are only over territory and it's pretty mellow. They were all introduced to the tank the same day, all very healthy and skinny. There are LOTS of areas for them to hide and keep peaceful.

The problem now is they're all so FAT! Since it's a community tank with lots of little baby swordtails and other fish I haven't found a good method of feeding them all without the bettas overeating. They have nearly doubled in girth.

Beyond setting up a whole new tank, what are some feeding options I can do to put the bettas on a diet but keep the babies properly fed?

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It may be a little more work, but you can always do what Fang does with DN while feeding her frogs and otos. She scoops her into a cup like the ones bettas and mossballs come in at Petco,and feeds her in there. So she only gets what's put in the cup, and the frogs and otos can get to their food.

EDIT - -Found the link: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/99688-bettaadfoto-feeding-video-for-pandamanda111/

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