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What WAS wrong with my fish's eye?

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Ok, this was before I knew ANYTHING about goldfish! Just be warned! I would never do this again (just to be safe guys, don't freak out, it's too late)

About 9 years ago I had 3 goldfish in a 10 gallon tank. I couldn't possibly post water parameters or anything because it's so long after.

They were all common goldfish (the most carp-like) and one metallic orange fish developed cataracts. Nobody worried because it didn't impair her swimming, eating, or anything else. Then the other eye....dissolved? It was still an eyeball, but everything within it disappeared. If you shined a flashlight at it, it would illuminate the inside of her head, all red, and far back near the middle there was a small black dot and some tissue. Eventually my cousin gave her the name Brainfish because he thought it was her brain you could see (I doubt it).

Now, we did twice weekly water changes, but still, there were 3 fish so the fish obviously could have been hurt by the high amounts of ammonia. She lived for 6 years. The other 2 goldfish I gave to my aunt and they're around 9 1/2 inches now (she doesn't measure them much, they're in a pond).

But I'm really a newbie to illnesses and diseases (I can quickly spot an illness, but I won't know what it's called until I look it up) so I'd just like to know what was going on with the poor fish.

Any pointers are appreciated.

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