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Fishy Pic Spam!

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Hey, guys!! All my fishies have been moved back home!! Can you say exhausting work? Phew. Take down the tanks, carry them down from my apartment, into the truck, drive home, haul back up the stairs to my room, etc etc etc etc etc. PHEW! But guess what?! Everyone's fine!! :D All my tropicals in their tank are fine, Ducky is now in a QT and is fine, and my big tank is filled with happy swimmy fishies. :heart They probably love being back on well water. :D But anywho, on to the pics!! Oh, and a big shout out to my amazing dad who helped with everything. :heart:)

The fish side of the room:


My parent's tore the carpet off the floor when I moved out so now it's just wood boards. We got a tarp to put down around the fish tanks for water protection. :)


My big derpy Ron who adores Julie. :)


Pippin photo bombing^

Some non-flash pics o Quaxo 'cause he's so darn hard to photograph.





Check out the breeding stars going off in this shot:



My gorgeous Sherby~



Check out Fleur's tail in the background here^^^ :D


Ron and his lady~


He got some veins in his tail from the trip home, but they'll be gone soon. :D


My precious little Pippin, he tends to photobomb every picture I take because he's wiggling like mad in front of my face. :rofl


Trying to take a picture of his bro, Merry, but he jumped in the way. :rofl


Merry hangs out with Fleur a lot who is still rather skittish.





Who wants to see Miss Marshmellow face?!? :rofl





Meh always photogenic, Julie. :)

Group shot


Just Fleur:


And last but surely not least, my newest fishy, Ducky!!!

Her back is actually perfectly rounded, but she's missing scales along her spine on top which makes it look bumpy. :)



Thanks for looking through all these!! I'm so happy to have my babies with me finally. I've been gone from the for about 3 weeks. Besides going home to do a water change and feed them once a week. I'm sure they're going to be happy to go back to being fed every day.:rofl:D

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All your fish are so cute but I love your telescope personalities :thumb::lol

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Aw. They are all so cute. :)

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So pretty :D

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Glad to hear the move home went well! Everyone looks great :)

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hahaha that shot of Pippin is hilarious where he is spreading his fins out trying to block the view of Merry as much as possible. What a troll lol

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They look super happy and healthy!

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