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Need to rehome some goldies


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I have to downsize my fish room due to personal problems as of late. I thought I would offer them here before I go somewhere else.

The fish that I have are:

Pearl Scale (2)

Both are orange and white, bought at the same time and are still young. They are about an inch and a half long, each. One has all black eyes, I call that one Buttons and the other one Gems

Ranchu (2)

Both have cute little wens growing on top of their heads, though I don't think they have it in their genetics to become lionheads.

Comet (2)

Both are strong headed, good swimmers. One is a traditional orange with a long tail, the other is a BIG all white fish, except for an orange spot on his eye.

Oranda (1)

This fish is all orange, nice wen and long fins.

I know not many koko members live near me, and it's a lot of fish to adopt out at once, but for the most part I figured there was no harm in offering. :(

thanks for looking guys.

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Where do you live? I'd love to take a fishy you can't keep. One of the Ranchus would be great. What colors are they?

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