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long time no see

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Thanks! yeh im really suprised at how much they have grown its insane!

just a few days ago i cleaned the tank and took some hand shots

and compared them to the hand shots fo when i brought them home

Marchello day one (7 months ago)


marchello 3 days ago


betty minnow day one ( 7 months ago)


betty minnow 3 days ago


marchello is by passing betty in growth but thats only becuase hes a friggin PIG! seriously hes eating ALL the time he eats the pest snails eggs,he is eating the floating duck weed, and he is always the one to eat the last bit og hunk of gel food. plus he will eat sea weed flakes betty wont.

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@ ashlee- i dunno maybe becuase i take the pics so fast they dont have a chance to flop i net them and leave them in teh tank in the net then set up the camera and have it ready in my other hand, take them out snap drop em back in done in a matter of seconds

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Wow, they have gotten so big and fat!

They are getting so big! I am curious though. How do you get them to not flop out of your hand? Mine would be spazing.

I am wondering that too! Especially holding them outside the tank like that, I'd probably have my fish jump off my hand, bounce off the edge of the tank and then flop onto the carpet with decent injuries :yikes

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