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Found 8 results

  1. Pretty excited, we picked up a used 29 for $25 from the lfs and I'm picking up the stand for $15 tomorrow. Not as big as I originally wanted, but it's only for my two fancies and its the best I can do. I can stop losing sleep over them being crowded now haha
  2. Just letting everyone know, now is a perfect time to upgrade your tanks or pick up a quarantine tank! Don't know where your local Petco is? Click Here for the store finder!
  3. Ok, so I just found an 80 gallon on Craigslist that we would seriously consider, EXCEPT that it's not pictured with a stand. I messaged the seller to see if they have one, but I figure not or they'd have it pictured too. So what do you put your 80 gallon on? I know it's going to be HEAAAVY. (A nice $300-400 stand is not in the picture for us, obviously or I wouldn't be asking) and the only diy thing I can find online involves cinderblocks and plywood, and that's not going to fly here either. We need something in-between! More importantly, am I stupid for even thinking I could handle a tank that size? We've had a fish for exactly 4 weeks... But this is a hobby that both my husband and I are finding we're interested in, and it seems smarter to just go big and skip all the in-between stuff maybe? However, we would probably not just walk into a store and buy an 80 gallon, this specific tank is a good deal.
  4. It's now about three weeks since the tank transition so I thought I'd post before and after shots. Please excuse the reflection on the glass. Before…little 5 gallon on the office desk... After…29 gallons still located in our office for its zen like qualities…ha! Please note the craftiness of my black Oceanvisions background! And, the tension rod that will hold the curtain to hide all of the stuff underneath!
  5. Hi my names Eleanor and I am new to this site. I have a question(s) concerning upgrading my aquarium. I have bought a 30 gallon aquarium for my one Ryukin goldfish. She is currently in a 20 and I wanted to give her more space. I also bought a 55/75 Aqueon filter which runs at 400 gph. Anyway, after looking all over the internet I haven't been able to find the answer to my upgrading questions which are: Can I put my new filter on my old aquarium to "prep" it for the new aquarium or will that make all my levels (bacteria, ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, ect.) off? If so could I just soak my new filter cartridges in a bucket of old aquarium water to transfer the beneficial bacteria? I am planning on putting my old water in my new aquarium but my filter cartridges aren't the same size so there isn't really anyway for me to use an old one in my new filter to start the build up of good bacteria. I hope I posted this in the right spot and I hope all of this makes sense! Thank you guys so much!
  6. OK everyone, so next week I will finely be setting up my larger tank if everything goes to plan. The tank and equipment owned: It’s a 75gal tank (48"Lx18"Wx23"H) 48 inch double T5 lighting system Air pump rated up to 40 gal, and tubing A thermometer Substrate, rock and plants. (black sand and a dark plant substrate mix-substrate) Water test kit Going to get this weekend: Aquaclear 110 HOB filter (just one for now well get another shortly or one similar) Aqueon Flex LED Aquarium Bubble Wand, 21-Inch, White LED (thinking if possibly getting another at another time and either another air pump or a larger one that can handle both) The setup Ok so this is what I was thinking. I’d put the plants, sand, rocks and some of the filter media I have in my small tank to the larger(hopefully giving my cycle a jumpstart) then I’ll let it sit for a few days to let it get its balance. Then ill add my two small goldfish and also move the old filters over to the large tank. This way the tank will have the aquaclear 110 and the 10-15 and 20 gal filters on it (sorry I do not have the boxes and do not remember the gph for those filters). So that’s the idea. I was wondering if my thought pattern behind that was ok and just looking for ideas on how to make it look good and be safe for my fish I am thinking of adding 2 maybe (undecided) 3 more gold fish at a later date. Either more ryukins, fantales, vailtales, telescope eye, or Orandas, maybe a combination (but I like for fish to be in at least pairs of the same type lol) When I am finished i will post pics for everyone to see
  7. Hey guys So I'm relatively new to the goldfish keeping game and I wound up putting three fish in a 75 Litre (20 Gallon) aquarium, when I discovered the error of my ways I took a vow to find a larger tank as soon as possible but my budget is quite limited. While I would like to upgrade to a 200 Litre (53 Gallon) tank next year I've managed to find myself a nice 155 (41 Gallon) Litre to use in the meantime, hoorah! I'm going to pick the new tank up this weekend and take my time establishing it, but what would be the best way to do it? At present I have a 75 Litre with a Fluval U2 Filter and all of my water parms are good, I have gravel as a substrate but I would like to move away from that, I was thinking of a bare bottom, some bogwood, river rocks, potted plants, with maybe a little patch of gravel kept for the fish to forage around. The new tank will come with An Aqua One Maxi Internal filter, I'm not sure of the size capacity yet but it might be the 103f, 104f. Hopefully I can combine this new filter and my Fluval to provide optimal filtration, thought I might go for an external later on. My real question is, what is the best way to proceed with the new setup? Can I make use of my existing filter media or water to get the cycle started? Is it possible to clean out the new tank and move everything across including the water, filter, fish? Just keep the tank half full and 'top up' the tank with a few extra litres of prime treated water periodically until the tank is almost full? Would that be a stupid idea? Let me know what you think, or if there is a good post on this somewhere on the forums could you point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance Derek
  8. after upsizing from a 15 gal to a 55 it seems my common has grown about half an inch in a week & is about 3 inches long now! it's hard to get an accurate measurement as when i approach the tank he goes crazy thinking i'm going to give them food & doesn't sit still. my fantail is also seeming a bit larger & is at about 3 inches including tail. i thought i was imagining it but my partner agrees that they have grown. must be loving the new digs! interesting how quickly they adjust.... my new ryukin & moor are doing well in quarantine. nothing nasty or spotty has shown up yet. currently doing the first round of prazi & salt. looking forward to adding them to the main tank in a couple of weeks. the moor is so funny to watch. i sprinkle food so it falls LITERALLY onto its head & it still doesn't see it, preferring to fossick for it in the sand instead. i've seen it catch maybe 2 pellets out of 50! i'll always make sure he gets something to eat tho, i realise he is at a bit of a disadvantage visually but i think he will make up for it with his persistant vacuuming of the gravel! the ryukin used to gobble the peas then spit them all out again but has started to eat them properly now.
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