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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, my name is Annette, and this is my reaching out to your community for help regarding my little two and a half inch black moor. He and my female oranda live in a 35 gallon that is filled to 32 , I know they should be in a 40, but I change the water every five days half way. I am wondering though, what at is happening to my moor. Yesterday I was somewhat startled by what was happening on his back fins. But now it has been another new morning and this appearance was even more prevalent. The two have ich , which was introduced when the heater broke leaving them at a durastic 58 from a usual 72. I brought the temperature back up as usual it knowing my actions. They are fighters. I bought rid ich on May 24th . Used it until it ran out daily with water changes. going back to buy a second bottle from kordon I accidentally grabbed malachite green. I didn't notice until the day after . I decided to go with .05 mg/l daily , and lights out like this and many sites suggested. because of the less effectiveness when otherwise etc, is is it too harsh on them maybe? Or itbis less effective without the formaldehyde/fermalyn (sp?) he used to be the liveliest and would chase my oranda for days in attempts to spawn with her when the 80degree gradual rise happened on May 24th etc they eat blood worms and tithra green's home made gel food recipes ich has half veggies and meat as well as sinking pellet food occasionally in hopes that their immune will stay up. I was soaking their food in a bit of garlic & water mix a week ago. salt is safer, but I found it didn't really work before and it caused slight bloat in my oranda so I stopped doing that last time. Of course gorges on velvets food so he was probably just baxkdd up now that I think about it I introduced a 1% salt solution at 11 am this morning and did a immediate halt to malachite green after their sixth morning dose today. I put activated carbon in the filter. And did a 50%water change just wondering if I should do salt, or if that is useless in this occasion as it is more than ich that he has I don't know how to imbed a video but here is a link to velvet sorry it is so short it Is kind of like he is a bit milky . the water has been at 80f for quite a while now I guess
  2. I have two 3-4 inch oranda goldfish for a year now. My red and white oranda is fine, has no problems. My gold oranda, however, has a few white marks along the edge of her caudal fin. It is NOT ich, but looks more bacterial or fungal. I have been treating with pimafix, melafix, and added salt to the tank for about 4 days now, and while it hasn't gotten any worse, it really hasn't decreased either. Otherwise, she acts, eats, and looks fine. I am not sure what brought it up or what it is, but I was hoping for some treatment advice. I have the fish separated with a tank divider since the red/white oranda can be very aggressive towards her. Also, unrelated, but the gold oranda also 'nose dives.' I tried looking up what that could be, but can't find anything. She has always done this and I have treated both fish a couple months ago for parasites, to be safe, since I suspected flukes. Is this a behavioral thing or possibly something else? The red/white Oranda doesn't do this. The gold oranda is also kind of stupid overall, if that helps... lol Tank Set Up: 29 Gal 1 AquaClear 50 1 AquaTech 20-40 1 Fusion Air Pump 500 Water Stats from API Freshwater Master Kit: 7.5 pH 0 Amm 0 Nitrites 20 Nitrates 20-25% Weekly water change w/ added Prime and Easy Balance I feed them 2x daily, small amounts of Omega One flakes (primarily), TetraFin Color Enhancing Pellets (occasionally), and Tetra Dried Shrimp (daily). - I think I am going to switch feeding them to every other day. Note: THIS IS NOT MY FISH, but it looks EXACTLY what my fish has (and I can't get a decent picture myself) .JPG"]http://www.wetwebmedia.com/fwsubwebindex/Cypriniiform%20PIX/Goldfish%20PIX/Sid-whitefluffyspots[1].JPG Please help me out, I am so tired of fighting this kind of thing with my fish. I feel like it's a never ending battle.
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