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Found 4 results

  1. Hellooo. I am looking into getting some balloon lyretail mollies and some black lyretail mollies. Can they be housed with cherry barbs? I may get a maximum of 4 mollies and maybe 6 cherries. I am also looking for a bottom feeder, and so far I am only interested in hillstream loaches or bristlenose plecos. Can someone tell me about those bottom feeders? I wish I could have had a bala shark but the poor cherries would be picked on. How compatible are these fish together? I haven't gotten any yet so i wanted to make sure they would work together before I got them (: Oh and this may be a stupid question but could a betta go with any of these fish? I would imagine he would have maybe some problems with the mollies.
  2. so i have this pleco( short for plecostomus) and i started feeding him cucumber chunks and sinking food today and i was wondering if, when he gets off special diet i can put some snails in the tank for him and my catfish to eat, and what kind of snail u wuld reccomend
  3. Hi guys, I am trying to be thrifty here for setting this up cause I have lost 4 filters in the past 8 months and lost all of the receipts >.< I love Marineland so much but they are a little expensive... Same with Aquaclear. I'm not saying I don't want to spend money on a good filter, I am just saying I don't want to spend a lot of money on a filter if there is something less expensive and suitable. So besides Tetra and Aqueon, which filters can handle a 20l gallon with 6-12 fish? I was also looking at a brand called Aleas, has anyone ever used this brand? The XP-80 was only 14 usd.
  4. *I read Koko's post on how to put a picture up but I am still unsure on how to put one in this post. The site is not allowing me to put a link to it?* I am a beginner and I just want to get some feedback about this tank. Also, is it overstocked? It is 7.28 gallons and inside, there are: 2 neon tetras 2 guppies 1 koi swordtail 2 penguin fish 1 black molly 1 serpae tetra 1 snail And two other fish All of the decorations are fake just so you know. Thanks in advance.
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