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  1. Here is an article by Mr. Paul Van Allen, a training specialist working for Nikon, on how to take great pictures of fish. http://www.nikonusa.com/en/Learn-And-Explore/Article/h0ndz3t8/how-to-take-great-photos-at-the-aquarium.html I definitely recommend reading the article, but here are the salient points. Your settings should be: - manual - Auto ISO - 1/125 sec - f/5.6 - auto white balance - no flash Good luck, and happy picture taking. Here are some examples I hastily put together. This post has been promoted to an article
  2. I've needed to re-home a couple of my goldfish for a while now, but now that I am going to be moving I feel I need to act on it so that I will be moving with less fish and less stress. THE FISH ARE FREE I JUST ASK THAT YOU PAY SHIPPING COSTS. I will ship to anywhere in the United States provided it's your home address (no APO/FPO or PO and sorry, no US Territories). I would much prefer to do overnight shipping since it's so hot out right now, but if you're closer I may be able to do priority 2-day with a cold pack. If you are interested please send me a PM with your zip code. Velvet: I have had her for seven months. I am assuming female because was being chased by one of my males, but never spawned. Approximately 2.5" - 3" (not including tail), 4.5" (with tail) -- Medium sized fish. Gemini: I got him/her last month. Is a tri-color, butterfly telescope (though be prepared for the black to fade, it's already changed in the time I've had him/her). Very young. Approximately 1" (w/o tail), 2" (w/tail). I have no idea of gender yet.
  3. I went to the San Diego koi show today expecting only to look at awesome koi and vendors for fish supplies, but much to my surprise Goldfishnet had a booth there and many awesome goldfish for sale. I've only ever seen these fish in photos for the online auction before, so seeing them up close was a cool experience. And of course, I fell in love. I only had enough money and tank space to take one home though. So here he is (and it's definitely a he because I see breeding stars), my new kirin telescope. I have not given him a name yet, because I like to get to know a fish's personality a bit before deciding on a name. That will come soon though. This guy has some definite personality. These pics were taken in my small quarantine tank, but I will take more once I move him into the 72 bow front I just set up, which will also be a kind of QT since everything in it will be new at the same time.
  4. For my birthday my boyfriend got me a wonderful gift, a telescope goldfish that I had wanted from Rain Garden. He arrived yesterday and I have gotten him into his quarantine tank with my other new fish. He has a lot of personality. I have not named him yet, but one will come soon. He has one light, regular colored eye and one darker colored eye that looks like the telescope version of a button eye. Here are some photos:
  5. Hello I just made a short video to show you what the fish do when the lights come on for their late evening meal. This is the 55 gallon, which previously had gravel. I am much happier now with sand as the substrate. I think it looks better, and is certainly safer. Do you think they are hungry? Edit: Apparently, YouTube now allows you to alter the speed of video playback, from 0.5x to 2x.
  6. Ok so I went a little nuts! Before anyone mentions overstocking let me inform you that many of these will be going into ponds. I have about 750g of pond systems for this year's growing season. I REPEAT, THEY WILL BE GOING INTO OUTDOOR PONDS!!! Many of the local fish stores in southern California got in shipments of goldfish this past week (just landed from overseas) and I became obsessed w/ collecting and cherry picking a selection of goldfish to learn from. Each has a different trait that I wanted to observe over time. As a side note, buying too many fish may not be good for the individual enthusiast but it is a good catalyst for the fish industry, hobbyists as a group and the economy as a whole. But let's not get into that. Anyway, over the past weeks quarantine, I can see a couple that need to be culled for swim bladder disease and my favorite shubunkin is clinging on to life while the tank was salted for ick. It looks like the fish swallowed a piece of salt rock, got bloated and was losing balance when I found it posted near the sump overflow. I decided to put it out in the pond early in an effort to dilute the salt. So far it is still breathing but it is hard to say whether it will make it or not. My quarantine process consists of salting the tank gradually over the course of a few days; 0.12%, 0.3%-0.4% (for koi I go to 0.5%). I also increase the temperature to expedite bowel movements from their previous living conditions and to make sure all are eating. Once everyone is eating and fish waste appears normal, I turn off the heater and let the tank cool naturally to ambient temps 65-70f. Having the bulk of my fish keeping experience in tropical fish, I'm just noticing that swim bladder disease (predominantly in fancy goldfish) can be manipulated w/ the fluctuations in temperatures. For instance..some lfs kept their tanks @ 75-78f where the fish will swim fine but if the water gets cooler, the swim bladder disorder becomes more prevalent. Two of my fish (black oranda & calico fantail) swam fine at the fish store and during the first phase of quarantine, but found themselves trying to maintain balance during the second phase when my tanks cooled to 65-68f. Here is the stock list of fish you'll see in the video. 5 Red Cap Orandas 1 Black Cap Oranda 1 Chocolate Oranda 1 White Oranda 3 Red & White Telescopes 2 Calico Telescopes/Dragon Eyes 1 Orange & White Telescope 1 Orange & Black Telescope 4 Pearlscales 1 Crown Pearlscale 4 Red & White Ryukins 3 Calico Fantails 2 Orange & White Ranchus 3 Shubunkin 4 Koi And here's a video of what 33 mixed fancy goldfish and 4 baby koi look like swimming in a 135g tank:
  7. Congrats STakos hun.... tell us about these guys http://i1011.photobucket.com/albums/af233/stakos/prazianyone_zps752ee404.jpg
  8. Can you tell that I am in a photo mood? Three pics of the teles each. Kupo is most likely a boy. Sometimes I can make out breeding stars on his gills and pecs. With Chibi I am still not quite sure. I thought I had seen faint breeding stars on his pecs a good while back, but not anymore. I am not sure if Kupo is a butterfly or broadtail, but tend more toward the broadtail. It probably doesn't help that his caudals are not split, but that's ok. His big blue eyes make up for that Chibi is generally a weird fish. He is so petite. He is my third oldest fish, got him for three years now, but he is so little compared to all the others. Aside from the baby chu he is the smallest fancy I have. Everyone else has long but passed him, growth-wise. I got Kupo from the same LFS more than a year later, and Kupo was much smaller than Chibi when I got him, yet he too has about twice the body volume as the little orange guy. He is such a sweetheart though and will "play dead" when I hold him for longer than five seconds The body : tail proportions on this fish are ridiculous.
  9. Hello I've been moving some of my fish around, to try to find a balance between sizes and colors, and I think I finally have the combinations that will work. I'd like to share some pics today, primarily of my 55 gallon tank, which doesn't get as much pictorial attention as the 100g. That will change though. The thread is a bit pic heavy, so I apologize in advance for that. Here we go Here are the four in the tank. One black, one white, one orange, and one carrying all three colors. There are three telescopes, and one oranda. I'm actually really proud of these guys, since I've raised them since they were barely an inch long. They are steadily growing, especially the last half year or so, with Pro-Gold. ___________________________________ AND some pics of some of inhabitants of the 100g My favorite of the bunch! Chu1 Chu2 I am ryukin And we always close the thread with an O Thank you for looking
  10. It's not often that I get a chance to receive two shipments of telescopes from two different suppliers but yesterday happened to end up like that. I had one shipment of two black Broadtail Moors come from Tommy Hui and the second was a shipment of two black Butterfly Teles from Ken at DO. (Molly saw them before I did!) The two Broadtails are a male by the name of Xen and the female is named Cleopatra (as instructed by Helen). The two Butterflly Teles are, I believe, a male by the name Vion and a female by the name of Niko. All four are younger specimens and show great potential. Anyway, here's some pics and a video of the process. All of the mini bubbles in the tank are from the addition of Prazi and it gave the photos a nice effect so I'm stickin' with it! Enjoy! Two is better than one! Opening Tommy's box with the Broadtails The DO bags right out of the box Tommy's Broadtails in green water Temperature acclimation
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