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  1. So I have Telescopic Veil tail Goldfish that measures in at 8 inches from tip of mouth to end of tail. I bought him when I was younger and basically had no idea he could grow like this so I put him in a 5 gallon aquarium. When he reached 4.5 inches he got to a point where he wouldn't even play in his tank anymore because there was not enough space, and this bothered me so I stole my moms credit card (with my fathers permission) when she wasn't home ran to the Pet store and carried home a 10 gallon with better filtration and some stuff to cycle the tank faster. He is two years old now, and despite that he still plays in his aquarium, having to do so many water changes to keep the nitrite down is getting brutal so I know it's time to upgrade to (hopefully) a final home. I was wondering, what do you guys think is a good size home for him, and what is the minimum I should get? My dad's Jeep isn't very roomy so the most we can carry in the trunk is 40-50 gallon tank. Oh and if you want some other info on him, he still seems pretty healthy. He loves to swim and splash the water. He likes to be hand-fed and his favorite foods are Omega 1 goldfish pellets, but occasionally as a treat I feed him small pieces of bread, orange, or spinach. Sometimes he will also come to the top of the tank and let me and my mom pet his head gently. I named him Black because he is so dark I can't see him in the night.
  2. Well it's time for a tank update: Hello my name is Debbie, married to Tim ( we are both members to the site). We have 4 tanks: 55 gallon- 3 goldies~~~1 Moore ! orange and white fantail (turning mostly orange) but that is ok and 1 white comet 1- large golden apple snail, 1-nerite snail 5-majenta apple snail juvies 30 gallon- many tropical ( a little on the overstocked side) but it works for Tim and I we do two LARGE water changes a week 7-giant danios,1-emerald green cory 2-albino corys 1-banjo catfish,2-bolivian rams,1-blue acara, and 1 female con, 1-clown pleco/pakoltia?and lastly 1-nerite snail........and we would NEVER recommend this tank or stocking level to anyone but it seems to work for us and has been that way for a while now 29 gallon- 1-female con (Mrs.Mean) and 6 red-eye tetras 1-nerite snail 10 gallon 1-betta 3 or 4 ottos 2- nerite snails 2-very spoiled dogs....................................
  3. Hi guys out of interest has anyone here considered how much it costs to keep a tank running? Ive just worked out that my 180litre tank costs approx £8 a month... breakdown looks like this: average cost of electric: 15p per Kwh per day costs: 2x 35 watt bulbs: 0.105p (for 10 hours) internal filter: 0.036p (running 24 hours) - i guessed that this is 10watts however may be incorrect, cant seem to find a spec on a Juwel Bioflow 600.. 1x 200w heater: 0.15p (on for 5 hours a day?) - again guessed as it off most the time... total per day: 0.29p total per week: £2.03 per month: £8.14 thought this was pretty reasonable tbh.
  4. My first goldfish tank was a "30 gallon" bowfront tank. My three tiny goldfish became very ill after I treated them for flukes using fenbendazole, even a week after treatment. Two died, and I euthanized my favorite the following day when it became clear she wouldn't recover. I emptied and cleaned the tank, then marked every three gallons as I refilled it, to begin fishless cycling. I couldn't believe it. Filled to the VERY TOP, past the center brace, the tank held 24 gallons. This meant, with gravel, other rocks, and not being filled to the top, the tank's capacity with fish had been about 22 gallons. I had overdosed my poor little goldfish by treating the capacity as a little under 30 gallons. I checked my main 3 gallon bucket against a gallon milk jug, a half gallon milk jug, and my 5 gallon buckets. All correct, according to each other. I got a refund for the "30 gallon" tank, and bought a "45 gallon" tank to replace it. It was actually 39 GALLONS filled to the very top, with nothing but water in it, and it was a different brand (Aqueon). I have emailed both companies, asking for an explanation. I have gotten one form letter ("Thank you for your interest!") so far. Has anyone else measured a new tank, and found that it came up short? I am so confused. And angry that this caused me to accidentally poison my fish.
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