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  1. As every year, there are plenty of questions popping up about how to keep the tank water cool during summer time. The answer is: you don't have to. Goldfish are cold water fish because they can live in cooler conditions than tropical fish. This does not mean that the goldfish will suffer and die as soon as it gets warm. After all, these fish have been bred long before the invention of air conditioning and lived - and still do live - outside in ponds where it gets very warm during summer. A healthy goldfish can easily deal with temperatures up to the mid or even high eighties. The important thing is to keep the temperature stable. Adding ice to lower the tank temperature is actually more harmful than beneficial, since even if you manage to lower the tank temperature by a few degrees, within a couple hours it will swing back up, causing constant fluctuations which stress the goldfish, unless you add ice every couple hours including during night time. Instead, you should rather strive to maintain constant temperature, even if it is in the eighties. The only time where ice may be used is if - as it is in my case where the "cold" tap water during summer reaches up to 94F - your tap water is warmer than the tank water. Then you will want to add ice during water change in order to not suddenly expose the fish to fresh tap water that is warmer than their tank water. I am speaking from experience here. I live in South Carolina and have had no AC for years. My fish spend several months each year in water that's temperature is anywhere between 80F and 88F, and none of them, not even my "problem children", ever showed signs of stress because of it, as long as the temperature is stable. The only real danger with high temperatures is that warmer water contains less dissolved oxygen. In order to ensure enough dissolved oxygen for your fish, make sure to have a strong bubble wand or similar running in your tank. There also are a few ways to help keeping the tank temperature lower in a stable way, such as leaving the tank uncovered (increased evaporation), keeping the tank lights off (this might not be applicable in a planted tank) unless they are LED and don't produce much heat; as well as lowering the water level one to two inches. By lowering the water level, you will create much more splash from the filter outlet. The more surface agitation, the more oxygenation and evaporation. As we all know, evaporation cools. So a combination of open tank lids, tank lights kept off, and water level lowered a tad can reduce the temperature by a few degrees. When lowering the water level though, if you have smaller size tank or a heavily stocked tank, you may want to up your water changes a bit to make up for the decreased water volume. You can also have a fan blowing onto the water surface (I simply have the ceiling fans on during summer 24/7) to increase the evaporation and it's cooling effect. But of course, this will also have to happen constantly in order to prevent temperature fluctuations. Last but not least, small fluctuations during day- and night-time are fine, just like they would be outdoors in a pond, where the water would cool a few degrees over night. So as long as the only temperature fluctuations are somewhat similar to what happens in an outdoor pond, your fish will be fine with certainty, unless you have a weak/ill/overly sensitive fish I hope this info helps all of you that worry about the warm weather
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