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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I'm new to the forum and don't have goldfish yet (have tropical - pea puffers, betta, mollies, guppies, etc.) but did have them as a kid. I really want to get a tank with two fancy goldfish in them, I am really in love with the oranda and the telescope eye. Anyway, I am looking at different tanks. I want something they would be good in for long time. In my research I have seen various suggestions about tank size...I understand the bigger the better but I am wondering if a 29gallon long like this one... http://www.fluvalaquatics.com/ca/product/15216-premium-aquarium-starter-kit-29-wide/#.VQuyxTh0zIU the dimensions are as long as a 40 breeder but not as wide. The Fluval 29 long is 36X12X16. The kit seems nice but I understand that I would be upgrading or adding more filtration as the fish grow. Your advice is very much appreciated as I am hoping to provide a good home for the long haul. Thanks!
  2. I do not have any goldfish yet but I do have some experience with freshwater fish. I am in the planning research phase I have already asked some opinions about tank size. I am looking at the 29g fluval long 91 x 30.5 x 40.5 cm (36 x 12 x 16 in) /45g bow front 91 x 40.5 x 51 cm (36 x 16 x 20 in). The tank would be situated in a room that we spend most of our time in when we are home. Anyway, I am wondering can one fancy, in particular either an oranda or a telescope live happily on his/her own? I haven't found much about this. I really want to make a good decision about the home I provide for the fish because it is unlikely I will be able to upgrade the tank in the future due to space and the maintenance required. Thanks for your help .
  3. I plan on getting a thirty gallon, and I need to know if I can keep one or two Goldies in there. The breeds I'd be choosing from would be; ryukin, oranda, fantail, veiltail, or black moor. I want to make sure I do this right and my fish get the best lives possible. Thanks!
  4. so i have two goldfish one is a common and the other is a comet goldfish, i put them both in a large tank which i bought from a guy who said it was a 75 gallon tank but i got curious a year later and i think its only like a 60 gallon after measuring the volume, anyway my question is can both of my fish reach their maximum size in this tank without their growth being stunted. the common goldie has defiantly grown but the comet who was originally the smaller one is now way bigger.
  5. Hello everyone. This is my first post here, I also made a similar post at [dnalex removed] incase anyone also uses that site. So anyway, a few months ago my family had a 20 gallon indoor pond installed and we got a pair of fantail goldfish. It was only after we had the pond installed and got the goldfish that we found out 2 fantails would need a 30 - 40 gallon tank. The tank is 95 cm wide and 85 cm front to back (at its widest points, its sort of a round-edged rectangle) with a waterfall and 2 filters. Could anyone give me tips on how to keep the goldfish healthy in these conditions which are not exactly ideal like how often I should do water changes, much % etc. Upgrading them is just not an option right now, neither is giving them up. Thanks!
  6. I've always loved the idea of big bulgy-eyed goldfish in bowls, like a cartoon. I tried to adopt a goldfish with the intent to put it in a bowl once, and the lady at the pet store refused to sell it to me. I respect that now. So a bit later, nearly a year ago now, I found myself in a PetSmart on a Sunday afternoon impulse-buying a calico telescope goldie and what I thought then was a very luxurious 5 gallon tank. (It's a Fluval Chi, and, while I know now that it's not right for my fish, it's still pretty. ) I did my goldfish research and learned that I was an idiot, but put off upgrading because of budget and space constraints, and, being totally new to fish, not knowing if it was worth investing too much in if I was just going to end up a fish serial killer. BUT I'm finally moving to a bigger apartment next week (yay!!) and I feel like Ms. Tallulah Fishsticks probably should, too. But I'm incredibly picky and never really liked the look of framed rectangular tanks. I did a whole lot of research on goldfish in biorbs, even the mega-huge ones, and finally admitted to myself that that would be a mistake too. So what about frameless cubes? I've looked at the ones made by Mr. Aqua, which come in 25 and 60 gallon, and some in acrylic that are a lot more expensive and I'm guessing would get scratched up easily. What about company? While I'm trying to make up for past mistakes, is my fishy lonely? I think she'd look gorgeous with a black moor friend, but that means even more gallons, which gets to another concern… Stands? Furniture? I have my 5 gallon on a dresser. After noticing it was starting to leave a footprint on the wood, I stuck a thick bamboo cutting board under it to distribute the weight a bit better. I don't really like the look of the things traditionally sold as aquarium stands (getting annoying, aren't I?). Is it possible that some pieces of "normal" furniture could support the weight of, say, a 25-35 gallon tank (I don't think I'm ready for too much more than that yet)? So I'm looking for help from people who know more about goldfish keeping than I do…both from the standpoint of keeping the fish happy and making me not have to invest in a fishtank I really don't like the look of. Is it possible to keep both of us happy? And is the poor thing's growth stunted already? Will she grow if I get a significantly larger tank? Obviously kind of clueless, but trying to work on it.
  7. Hi everyone I'm very new so please be kind! I was recently advised on and sold a 14L tank by pets at home (uk) which came with two free fish. I have two baby black moors both about 1 1/2 inch at present. I was disgusted to find out i had been given poor advice re tank size. I requested a refund but was told i should have read up myself first! Admittedly they were right! I have now purchased a fluvel Roma 125 uk litres with U2 filter. The tank is second hand, but in great condition. Ive set it all up, but its only been set up a few days, so isnt cycled. I have a testing kit. I am currently keeping the 14litre tank levels safe with daily 50% water changes. Ive had the fish 6weeks and so far they are doing great. My question is, is it safer to leave them where they are until the big tank is cycled, or should i move them into their new home now because of the risk to them in the small tank?! And how long will they be able to live in the 125 litre tank before i need an upgrade? They are lovely fish, herbie and louie, and louie is already eating from my fingers! I want to get it right for them Many thanks for any advice Kat
  8. I am needing to treat my tank with salt. When I was given the tank I was told it was a 120 gallon tank. However, a friend of mine took the measurements and said that it actually came out to 87 gallons which is an odd number to me, unless this tank originally was a custom tank. Its' like 30 years old so it is plausible. My measurements are 16" wide - 23" tall - 63" long. Does anyone know how to reliably convert that into gallons? The difference between 87 and 120 is signficant when salt treating a tank. Thanks! FishyMom
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