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  1. Curious if anyone has used this sand wish goldfish? Want to know if it sinks quickly when sifted/spat out or stays suspended in water too long 9risk of causing issues for goldfish)?
  2. I seem to recall someone here had done this. Can't find the post though. I have few questions; 1) Is this acceptable substrate for goldfish tank? 2) If I use this, do I need to cover it with sand? (the manufacturer seems to recommend it, but I worry if it becomes too deep layer with sand and creates nasties in the tank). This is example of the substrate. If it helps, the tank I'll have will have base measurements of 140cm (long) and 50cm (wide). The most "demanding" plant I'm planning to try in there are dwarf lilies (tiger and thai). Aside of that I am thinking vallisneria, types of anubias and maybe some type of crypts or swords, and just pray that when I'll finally get fish the plants will be established enough and the fish small enough to not turn into expensive salad. I'd be grateful for any and all opinions and help, as usual
  3. Hello KoKos Members! How is everyone? I am doing fine myself. Any who, I wan't to have a tank that is bare bottom and have substrate, what do you guys and girls think of this idea? How would I go about and do this? Any suggestions? Thank you! If you are curious to why I want to do this, this is because I feel my filter isn't picking up everything, and keeping up with the gravel is really annoying me! That is why if you are interested to wonder.
  4. I'm currently exploring changing the gravel in my tank to Tahatian Moon Sand or to Peace River Gravel (PRG). Here is link to video on PRG: As far as I can tell the grain size is the same. I've read many posts on TMS, but haven't found any on PRG. I would love to hear anyone's thoughts on TMS and especially on PRG. Thanks!
  5. Hi Guys, So I like to jump on yahoo answers every once in a while, to check out the goldfish and axolotl questions. Yesterday a guy asked about substrate. He did not want a bare bottom, gravel, or sand. I wrote that I use river rock pebbles that are just large enough that my fish can't suck them up. I also said I use enough to cover 50% of the floor, but spread out evenly so that they can root around, but not have anaerobic pockets. Another answerer sent me an email saying that I am propagating animal cruelty and should be banned from Yahoo. He said my rocks will rip their fins and that I am killing them with hydrogen sulfide (I thought sand was the major culprit). He goes on to say that he sponsors the blah blah goldfish show in Blah blah and he is the authority on goldfish keeping. He thinks I should be ashamed of myself. Any thoughts? The paranoid/OCD part of me is afraid I am doing something horribly wrong here. I was so shocked to read his email, especially because we usually give just about the same answers.
  6. Hi! I'm in the process of changing my tank completely over. I have gravel that I am getting rid of thankfully, I dislike it immensely. I have read about river rocks and have some from Michaels Craft store that I used as a base for my Tillandsia and I have extra. I was wondering if I can use the bigger ones as accent rocks? Also I was looking into getting the CaribSea Tahitian Moon Sand and actually picked up a bag, but now I am not sure if it's the right one. I picked up The CarbSea Super Naturals where Tahitian Moon is checked off on the back (I am assuming now it is referring to color?). But there was also CaribSea Instant Aquarium in a black color, I did not pick up that bag to look at it as I thought I had the correct one.
  7. I'm going to need to set up a 30 gal soon. In it, I'm going to put my calico ranchu and (what the pet store employee called) a "blue" oranda. I think she's just a bronzy black. The oranda is currently in a tank with black Tahitian Moon Sand which I LOVE but I don't think the black does much to enhance her color. It looks amazing with my red and whites, though I was looking at this... http://www.petco.com/Shop/Product.aspx?sku=1240676 Does anyone know if this "acts" similar to TMS? And why does it say Sand Gravel? Is it just because sand is really fine gravel? Hmm... Thanks in advance for any advice
  8. Okay, so I know there is already a thread somewhere, explaining ideas of how to safely remove substrate. I am currently trying to switch my tank to bare-bottom, because I have had way to many rocks-stuck-in-mouths to feel comfortable with the gravel. My problem is that I've only been taking out a cup and a half every water change to avoid any bumps in the cycle, and it's taking forever. (But my water quality has stayed good! haha ) Anyway, I am patient about this, but my babies keep putting the dang rocks in their mouths and I want to find the quickest way to be able to get this gravel out of my tank. I wish I would've been more educated when I started the tank up. So if you have any suggestions on a quicker method of switching PLEASE let me know. I was considering buying some of that start up bacteria from the store and doing a 50% water change to take it all out, and add that stuff in. I've never used that stuff though, so I don't know if it is even a quality product.
  9. Hi All! So excited! Bought a bunch of new tube plants today! Because I realized I am a "minimalist" golfish keeper...I decided to stick with just Anubias and Java Fern... Well...I picked up about 5 Anubias of assorted varities and NOT Java Fern as I intended....I got turned about and ended up buying Amazon Swords on accident thinking they were Java Fern....I am such a dodo! hahaha.... So my problem is...I already superglued one of my Amazon Sword to my decor in my tank....but Swords typically need to be planted in substrate right? Will my Sword survive if I leave it glued to decor or should I move it and pot it? I have very very very thin substrate in my tank...so planting in substrate I would like to try to avoid if possible...but I already bought and opened the plants (they are the PetSmart/TopFin Tube ones) ...so I'm stuck with them haha! Such a stupid mistake!!! What would you all do?
  10. I'm finally going out today to look at different substrates. I am not totally sold on sand at this point because it will be a royal pita to remove it if I don't like it. I don't want traditional gravel either as it can be such a mess. I have spent some time online on CaribSea's website and I'm intrigued by peace river which is 1-2mm, and I like the natural color and look of this, or possibly torpedo beach which is .5-2mm. They seem to be kinda in the middle between sand and gravel. I like the fact that they are under 3mm so they won't be a choking hazard and as a very light layer 1/8 to 1/4 inch will give them something to poke through. I probably won't even put it on the whole floor as they tend to sleep on the floor, (unless it is soft I suppose.) Just wondering if anyone here has them and what they think, or if any handy photos?
  11. Does anyone know of a fairly inexpensive substrate that doesn't come in bulk? I'm just starting to look into planting my tank and I don't exactly want to spend a lot on a ton of substrate on a college budget when I probably won't use that much. Also has anyone tried to pot their plants in small glass containers and done so with success?
  12. OK, after hours of searching the forums, I have concluded that the general approach to substrate is "all in the eye of the beholder." Some love gravel, some can't live without bare and others die by sand! I have always sported black or natural gravel in my tanks and recently gave-in to a bare bottom set-up for my 46 bow in attempt to control my otherwise out-of-control nitrates. After a month, the nitrates are so-so, but I am already wishing I had my gravel back. The bare bottom is easy to clean, but looks incomplete in my opinion. I am now to the point where I will either put the gravel BACK in the tank, or switch to a thin layer of Tahitian Moon Sand (TMS). The gravel scares me from a choking stand point and bacteria trap, but the maintenance involved with sand turns me off as well, as there seem to be conflicting reports about the ease of TMS clean-up. My topics of discussion: How difficult is a TMS set-up AND is it safe for Goldies of all sizes? How much is enough or too much?? (1/4" or 1/2" or more??) Finally, (unrelated) I have a large chunk of driftwood in the tank that may be the culprit with my nitrate issues. General thoughts on driftwood with Goldies?? Any other comments or suggestions are welcome as well! Thanks!
  13. I'm trying to plan for what type of aquarium set up I want. Pros and cons? For those that have tried both bare bottom and gravel/sand, have you noticed any difference in your fishes' behavior? I've read that the reflective bottom can be stressful for some fish is this true of goldfish? I would think that a bare bottom would be easier to clean. And while I haven't tried sand before in an aquarium, I would think that it would be the 2nd easiest to clean since there are less cracks for debris to fall in. Thanks in advance. Sorry if this has been posted once already.
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