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Found 2 results

  1. i'm gona try to post a video i took of this little guy. all my water conditions are normal, its just this one little fish that has been sick for a long time and everyone else is great. i got him at petsmart in mid march.. i thought he was a little "different" looking and maybe consitpated looking but seemed like i could just feed him peas and seemed healthy otherwise, but im now convinced that he is stunted and thats why he looks kind of weird in his face/eyes, and am wondering if all his health conditions are because of it or not, or if i should just euthanize him, or give him away to someone willing to spend even more money on treatments for him. im not sure how to tell if he is suffering in pain or not. he definitely 'looks' uncomfortable to me. and seems to get knocked around by the bigger fish. he was fine for about a week after being fed peas, then he started looking really more bloated in his butt area, it is really big and round more so than the other orandas i have under the tail. and had started pine coning, he has been bloated and pineconing with bulged eyes since april. now he is getting some red streaking. and has had a few scale injuries from the water changing hose because he isnt healthy enough to always stay away from it, he swims and still tries to eat but sometimes he swirls around like his belly wants to float. today ive now noticed a buldge or bubble looking lump under one of his eyes. my fish eat sinking hikari products and peas regularily. since april he has been treated with epsom salt, aquarium salt, dropsy meds, prazi-pro, Proform LA (because of another fish in the tank), and liquid mardel maracyn plus antibacterial antibiotics, melafix and pimafix.. (of course with appropriate water changes and time in between) with absolutely NO results on him what so ever. i still have some of the antibiotics and prazi pro left(but i dont see this to be fluke). im not sure if i should give more antibiotics or just quit? or what i should do, i would be sad but im accepting of euthanasia if i can get some confirmation that it is best. or could he be saved by some other treatment im not aware of or just let him be until he dies in the tank? i never have any good luck with isolating a fish they always seem to die in a day or two when i do that. he never looks any better no matter what ive done and little by little he seems to be getting more and more things wrong with him. please help with any ideas or advise. thanks (its taking a looong time for this video to load so im going to come back with it and post it later if i can figure out how)
  2. I am aware that there might not be many people on here able to answer this question, but I gave up posting on most other fish boards because the majority of people outside Koko's are buttclowns and you I stopped expecting decent answers. So in case someone has good ideas or even actual experience, here is my question: How do you get your common pleco to grow? I mean, these things are supposed to grow to 18 inches. Mine is like 8 inches, and I got him since May 2009. He was a wee little thing back then of about 2 total length, I guess. He looked tiny even in my 10gallon tank way back when. But I recently read that a common pleco supposedly should grow about 1/2" per month. That would be 6 inches a year, and in the 2 1/2 years I have him, she should be at least 12" long. Now here's the question: As we know, I had no clue what I was doing when I started with the goldfish. I had 8 goldfish and 2 common plecos in 10 gallons I know that the three surviving goldfish (Hugo, Orange Fishie and Blacky Fishie) are stunted. Even with Hugo being 10" total length, that is including tail and probably still little for a 3 year old shubunkin. I can also tell because Kimahri, who I got only a few months ago, is growing like weed. I think in half a year he is going to be at least almost as big as Hugo. Could it be that the probably high concentration of stunting hormones from the goldfish could have affected the pleco as well? He is getting fed well. Pellets, gel food, algae wafers, fresh veggies, so it's not like he is starving. I am changing about 25-50% water weekly on the 55 gallon tropical tank. The other smaller fish in there (angels, platys, corys etc) grow fast, but the pleco is still only 8 inches. And if the goldfish's stunting hormone is unlikely to have affected him since he is a different species, what tricks are there to get these fish to grow bigger? Even more food? Higher temperatures? (it's 78F because this one heater sucks a bit and the other heater is in Wakka's QT) How high?
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