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Found 12 results

  1. Hey guys, I just got a new 55 gallon tank at Petco during their $1 per gallon sale (holla!), and I have a couple of questions. Currently I have two itty-bitty common (possibly comet) goldfish. Once I get this tank set up it's going to be their forever home. I was wondering, if someday down the line I wanted to get a third goldfish (such as a Sarassa), would this overstock my tank? Also, if I did one of those crazy diy 3D backgrounds, would that completely cut all chances of safely stocking a third fish? I want to do what's best for them! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I was wondering what matters most when stocking, size or number of fish. In general I know the stocking parameters follow 15-20 gallons per fish. I have 4 Goldie's (2 telescopes @ 3 inches each, 1 oranda @ 4 inches and 1 oranda @ 2.5 inches-all measurements are without tail length). The 2 teles & small oranda have been in a 40 breeder since November, no problems. The small oranda is 1 year of age, I've had 1 tele x 1 year and has grown maybe 1/4 inch- same as the other tele but I've had him x 2 years, I've had the other oranda 2 years and I'm pretty sure he was mature when I got him-he hasn't changed much at all. I actually don't know if they are boys or girls. My ideal goal is a 75 gallon, right now I have a spare 55. Any thoughts are appreciated.
  3. Hi guys! Its been a while since I last posted on here. I have tried to do college without keeping goldfish due to their space requirements, but I am having some difficulty keeping them out of my life ...So I bought a 40 gal stock pond/tank online this weekend, and I am planning to set it up as an indoor water garden/goldfish pond in my room. I have never kept long-bodied fish before, as I have always considered them pond fish, and I only kept a 20g one fancy-fish aquarium through high school. So heres my question: Could I keep 1-2 comets in a 40g setup? The filter I have is 400gph, and I plan to do 50% water changes weekly, and 100% monthly. I have read on some websites that 55+ gal is recommended for comets, and on others that 30g is good for one fish, and 40g is good for two. If the general consensus is that this set up would be too small for a comet (or two), I will stick to ryukins, but would love to keep comets if I can. Thanks!
  4. Hello, I know stocking can be a sort of sensitive topic and want to get an opinion: I have one 8-9" tl comet in a 50" long 55 gallon tank by himself. He seems to have plenty of room and enjoy the swimming space, but I often worry (and I'm not sure if it's just me anthropomorphising) that he's bored and would like a companion. Every time I see a community tank with a couple goldfish swimming together, I think "my poor goldfish is all alone--am I being cruel?" So I'm considering getting a second comet (probably a sarasa around the same size as my current comet, Kaji) as his companion. I've read a lot of different threads about tank sizes for comets ranging from "you can keep 6 comets in a 55" to "no single-tailed pond fish should ever go in an aquarium of any size." I know that the official Koko's recommendation is 15-20 gal per fish whether single-tailed or fancy but I'm still a little unsure about what's right for a fish Kaji's size. Of course if I did get another fish, I would quarantine for a month, upgrade filtration (I've been eyeing a 525gph canister to use in addition to the two HOBs I currently have), and of course upgrade the tank if/when the two fish outgrew the tank. I'm actually planning to move in 6 months and was thinking that if the 55 is not enough room, I could set up a new tank in my new place and sell the one I have here. So, my question is, would it be a good idea to get another fish in the 55 or is this a recipe for disaster? Is it better for Kaji to have a friend or does he need the space to himself in order to really thrive? I appreciate any advice you Koko's verterans can give! Thanks! Anne
  5. Hi, I'm getting a bigger tank! YAY Its second hand and is 220L or 58USgal. What is the stocking ratio for fancy goldfish? I would LOVE three, and some snails but am unsure if they would overstock the tank. Im also getting a 2000Lph canister filter for it (don't know if this makes a difference or not). And it has a surface area of around 4697sqcm or 728sqin. Thanks for your advice!
  6. Hello Koko's Team, About three years ago I came across this great site and after reading many of the posts and articles decided to start a goldfish tank. I previously have kept tropical fish and wanted to get some goldfish. I settled on 2 fancy tail and 3 Ryukins and a 55 gallon tank. All of the fish have done well and seem happy (even the only female in the group seems happy). As the fish have grown I upgraded to a 75 gallon tank which is well filtered (2 Penguin 400s and a Rena Filstar XP3) and well maintained. The fish are now all about 3 years old and 4-4.5 inches (not including tails). I am debating whether to split up the fish by moving the two fancy tails to a 55 gallon tank which would leave the three ryukins in the 75 gallon tank. The current stocking level I have for these five fish seems OK but as they continue to grow the tank seems to be getting smaller and smaller. Do any of you have long term experience with how many 'round' goldfish can live happily in a 75 gallon tank? I would prefer to keep them all together but do you think I should move a couple to another tank? Thanks again for all of your knowledge sharing, my goldfish have benefited! Rick
  7. I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place, I was unsure where to post it. My coworker asked me about getting goldfish for her 4 year old daughter. I advised her against it and talked to her about why goldfish weren't a good idea in that small of a tank. She was unsure of the size of her tank, but she brought in a reptile lid that she had that fit it. (She had it so she could get the right size cover from the store.) It looked to be the size of the top of a 10 gallon tank. She then asked me what type of fish would be good in this tank and I was unsure as I haven't owned anything outside of goldfish. She doesn't seem to have any experience of actually taking care of any fish. So my question is, what type of fish would be easy to take care of and can work in a 10 gallon tank?
  8. I have a 75 gallon right now with one common goldfish. Please keep in mind I got this fish from someone who had it in a turtle tank that was meant to get eaten by the turtle. This fish unfortunately got stunted at around 6 inches (from being in the turtle tank so long) and hasn't grown much in the 2 and a half years I have had it. I've never had any issues with the fish besides some fin rot when I first got him. I would like to know if its possible to add another fish to this tank? I probably wouldn't add another common so any suggestions would be great. I would defiantly add another filter to it since I only have one with around 450 gallons per hr. I know thats low but I haven't been able to afford one so I must just go with doing frequent water changes. I'm not looking to add another fish right away, but I would just like to know if it's a future option. I really want what's best for my fish.
  9. Hello everyone. This is my first post here, I also made a similar post at [dnalex removed] incase anyone also uses that site. So anyway, a few months ago my family had a 20 gallon indoor pond installed and we got a pair of fantail goldfish. It was only after we had the pond installed and got the goldfish that we found out 2 fantails would need a 30 - 40 gallon tank. The tank is 95 cm wide and 85 cm front to back (at its widest points, its sort of a round-edged rectangle) with a waterfall and 2 filters. Could anyone give me tips on how to keep the goldfish healthy in these conditions which are not exactly ideal like how often I should do water changes, much % etc. Upgrading them is just not an option right now, neither is giving them up. Thanks!
  10. So I have a 110 gallon tank and I want to stock it with goldfish. Now, I was wondering if it is advisable to keep feeder fish. I don't want to feed them to anything, just keep them as regular fish. And how many can I keep in a 110?
  11. I'm trying to find the generalized rules for goldies. I know 3 years ago I was told 30g for each single tail and 10g for a fancy. Is it a 2 gallon per inch of fish rule? Also does filtration change the rule? I know that the fish become stunted when they don't have enough space and that filtration probably doesn't siphon all of the (hormone? enzyme?) that tells the fish when to stop growing. Please direct me in the right place!
  12. I did a little search on the forum and found this: http://www.aqadvisor.com/ Any thoughts? Do you use it?
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