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  1. Hello everyone! My name is Vanessa(but my friends call me Ness). I have been looking for a Goldfish Forum for awhile trying to find the perfect one. I have been to a few and they were all about technical stuff but no friendliness. So me Sam and Dean just packed up and left one and found this site thanks to Google. I haven't had Sam and Dean very long, about a month. They were in a 29 gallon tank and I saw them growing so fast right before my eyes that I knew I needed to upgrade their living space. So now they are comfortably living in a 55 gallon tank that I purchased a week ago. A little about me. I live in Florida where it is extremely hot! 95F today. I am 44 and aside from Sam and Dean I also have a Chihuahua named Bella who is my baby. Oh I guess I should mention I also have a son who is 24. So here are some pictures and video of my tank and babies. Thank you in advance for the welcomes! Dean loving the camera Sam about to suck up a mealworm Dean asking what you lookin' at? Dean looking for peas Sam and Dean looking for Peas(Dean is the pig of the two) Sam checking out nature Sam and Deans Home Please check out the video. Dean and Sam introduce themselves.
  2. After creating a post relating to my Tropical Tank yesterday, Sue (Motherredcap) enquired with regard to my other goldfish, and how they are doing. Here's a brief video of the "Wild Bunch"..... eating as normal, food plays a very big part in their lives!! Here's an old introduction article for the boys..... http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/106352-my-fishy-family/ I hope you enjoyed this Sue????
  3. Caught this over active fish finally... the flash went off unintentionally but it made it hilarious.
  4. As I was going through my old photos yesterday I came across baby photos of my four "Tiny Tots" . Now to our newer members, with Tiny Tots I tend to refer to my 8" single tails that were my first (accidental) home bred goldfish. They just kept this name over the years. Anyway, I managed to come up with somewhat of a timeline of these four brothers, who I never realized grew so beautiful and big until I looked at the old photos. Around the 20th of March 2011, early in the morning I found a bunch of uneaten eggs in my largest tank. I had noticed spawning behavior for a while, but was never in time to find eggs. But in February 2011 I transferred to a different store and now started at 6:00-7:00 am every morning. With that, I finally found my some unconsumed eggs and removed them, not knowing if they were even fertilized or not. Within the next 24 hours I noticed eyes and spines forming in most of the eggs. Eventually about 20 fry hatched. I was not really prepared for it, but had a 10g tub available and fixed up a sponge filter. I had no other food than boiled egg yolk (REALLY messy) and Hikari First Bites. At three weeks of age in their tub, this is a bunch of the fry with a heater, a sponge filter, and a sponge covered 90gph internal filter Unfortunately I learned too late that there was a hole in the internal filter where the cord entered the housing, and almost all of my fry got sucked into it. When I noticed the disappearing of fry, I posted on goldfishkeepers and asked, and they said that this was normal especially if fry from the same batch grew at different rates. One day, when I had only three fry left, I did check the filter though, and found the bodies of at least a dozen dead fry below the filter sponge in the internal filter In addition to that I found one fry stuck below the sponge that was still alive and I added him to his three siblings. He was named Trooper because he had survived the really dumb filter accident. I was upset because I felt so stupid for never noticing the small gap at the back of the filter. Of course I removed the filter and no losses were recorded since, but I still want to kick myself in the rear for not checking earlier. Here is a picture of the four survivors. Algae (Diatoms and Cyanobacteria, especially the latter) started growing in the tub (lit by a 100watt desk lamp) and they loved to eat it along with frozen baby brine shrimp. You can already make them out: Trooper at the top, Tilty to the top left, Finny (without tail) at the center right, and Buttons with his button eye/s at the bottom of the image. They are in the middle of eating frozen blood worms. For size reference, you can see a frozen blood worm on top of the black river rock. Very early on (about two-three weeks after hatching) I noticed that one fry lacked a tail. This is the infamous Finny in all his baby glory. Now for parental reference, this is me holding the four baby boys in a glass votive candle holder in front of the main tank. Hugo, the shubunkin in this photo, is their mother, and the orange comet in the next photo is Orange Fishie, their Daddy. Hugo came from Walmart's shubie tank, and Orange Fishie from Petsmart's 27c feeder tank. Both of them were picked randomly by the store employees when they were wee little things. At about 10 months old, in a 1.5g betta bowl for photos This is the boys at about 11 months of age. Tilty lost his baby color and turned orange. The others had been shubies from the start. In the temporary 20g, these four little guys did a lot of growing. This is one of my all time favorite pics of them lining up for a photo. You can see Tilty's black has mostly faded except for the Hitler mustache and the tips of his caudals. Still in the 20g, but months later and colored up (although my camera OVERsaturated this pic a bit), and lining up again. Now a little bit over three years later these guys have grown so much. They have moved on to a bigger tank and are on average 8.5" in total length, 4-4.5" body length. Except for Finny, the tailless wonder, who is about 5" body length And Tilty looks so much like Orange Fishie, it's eerie. And I'm not talking about the color, but overall look etc. Just like Finny looks so much like his mom, even without the color, minus the long flowy tail. EDIT: Scrolling up and down to the old pics vs these new ones, it is really easy to compare them. Most of them have not changed much in coloring. The color pattern is still mostly the same. Finny (no tail), Willie (the telescope eyed common at the bottom), Tilty (the orange comet), and Norm (ranchu? lionchu? chuchu?) in the back A nice closeup of Finny and Trooper. It still blows my mind that Trooper was literally stuck INSIDE a filter (below the filter floss inside the filter container) for a good 12 hours when he was a baby, and survived and grew into this gorgeous, breeding-star sporting big boy :3 Buttons is the most difficult to take pics of. He is just SO active, and I wonder if that is the reason why he is the smallest of the four boys. He is a cutie either way, and still has the button eye that gave him his name
  5. Hi guys…I hope you are all well. I’ve not posted for a while due to my new found passion of guitar lessons taking up most of my time and finances, along with my normal and loved routine tank maintenance. It’s been a few weeks now, but back in February I sadly lost one of the “Odd Couple”….the fantail Shubunkin (See image below). He has now been added to the fishy graveyard plot, part of our rear garden flower-bed, along with “The Pink Lady” and “Gentle Wen” to name a few. I debated what to do, should I get a new mate for “Nelson” the one eyed fantail, or just abandon the cold-water aspect of the tank, and set up a new tropical community? I decided to place Nelson in with the other three established guys (The Codfather, Marty, and Rocky) in the kitchen tank, but leave “Mick Jagger” the Chinese sucker in the second tank until I made a decision regarding new stock. I introduced all these fish in my article….http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/106352-my-fishy-family/ I decided to re-incarnate my passion of many years ago for the tropical varieties, less work in the long run. Since then I have bought new heaters and re-stocked the tank with some new inhabitants, namely… 12 Neon Tetra’s. 6 Harlequins. 2 Dwarf Red Gourami’s. 2 Dwarf Powder Blue Gourami’s. 6 Platy’s. 3 Panda Corydora’s. 3 Five Stripped Barb’s. I know what a lot of you will say, but I kept the Chinese sucker (Mick Jagger) in with them also……I don’t know if it is the higher temperature (I keep it a constant 80 degrees (80 °F = 26,7 °C)), or the fact that none of the new family are considered a threat, but I never see him during the day. He shuts himself away in his ornamental ship, coming out only at night. In the two months since I started the new community, I have not lost a single fish (Touching wood), and without wishing to tempt fate, all seems well at the moment. Here is the new tank…. In the several weeks since the set-up I have also had some new arrivals…..Platy fry, about 6 of them. I managed to capture one on film…. Here is Nelson in with the “Wild Bunch”… I’ll keep everyone posted on the progress, and status of the new community soon…..
  6. Hey, y'all! Here is a picture of my new shubunkin brood. I hope y'all enjoy the pictures! http://s7.photobucket.com/user/amorecondannato/library/Goldfish?sort=3&page=1
  7. I went to a fish store I had never been today (Pisces Pet Emporium) and when I saw this guy sitting there I couldn't resist not getting him. He was such a steal too!! Only $9! I have been looking for this exact fish and I can't believe I found one at such a great deal. I decided to name him Michael. He was in a tank with other single tailed and I believe he is a bristol shubunkin. He is a male since he has breeding stars on both his front fins and on his gill plates. Seeing this made me know for sure my other fish is female which is why I changed the name from Sucre to Sara. If anyone is familiar with the show Prison Break you will be familiar with the names Michael and Sara. I can upload a video if anyone is interested.
  8. Don't tell the others, but she still is my favorite I just love her so much. Soilent Green has colored her up even more, her fins are nice and yellow, and her orange is so deep it almost looks red, depending on the light. Some photos of her in a 1.5g tub, because when she has more room, she will not hold still for photos. I love how flexible these fish are. Whoever says that a 10"+ single tail needs lots of room to turn around, does not know what they are talking about Look at the length of her pelvic fins! Proof that her tail is pretty much as long as her body. Being not very cooperative. She does not mind being touched, but she dislikes being "held". When this fish thrashes, it is difficult to hold her. When transferring her from one place to another, I have to use both hands to keep her under control, with her being confined between my flat "praying hands". Dorsal not extended but still impressive. I love that the lead rays of all her fins are black, that looks so cool GET IN THE TABLESPOON!!! Last but not least, a before and after picture of her. She was so tiny and plain looking, but you can recognize her by her markings. And oh the horrid cloudiness during cycling... And a short video of her being gorgeous.
  9. I have these 2 male calico colored shubies that need a new home. They are the only single tails I have in the fancy tank and they use that to their advantage in mating with the ladies. I'm also way overstocked and need to lower my overall levels, eventually downsizing tanks. Both these guys are about 2 years old and have fathered a ton of babies! They are total stud muffins!!! Ranging between body size of 5-6 inches with tail another 4-5 inches. It takes both hands to hold them and a rather big net. They're bros and have moved from lots of tanks together, also very friendly. Both eat out of my hands. I'd prefer that they stay together. On the open market they can sell for a lot but I'm motivating to downgrade so will part for $200 for the pair. Xander and Zoe are sure to knock up your ladies if that's what your goal is. I'm sure they can keep a store supply going.
  10. Stripey my Japanese Shubunkin and Grumpy my Chinese Algae Eater have lived harmoniously in my 30g for the past year. Grumpy hangs out at the bottom, Stripey prefers the middle and top areas of the tank. Grumpy: Stripey:
  11. I keep wanting to ask about your guys' professional opinion about what these three are considered. I never know if I should "introduce" them as shubunkins, sarasa comets or sakura comets, or... whatever?? As some of you know, these are the offspring of Hugo x Orange Fishie (F Shubunkin x M Orange Comet). The four babies are one obviously orange comet with a white throat. But the three others, I'm not quite sure where to fit them in. Do they have enough black to be considered shubunkin? Each of them has only a very minimal amount of black, like 1 or 2 spots. The rest is matte white (pink) and orange with only very few metallic scales. It's kind of making them look like sakura sarasa comets with some accidental black spots. None of them shows any actual blue which would be typical for most calicos/shubunkins. Just to refresh everyone's memory Buttons, all white (pink) and orange with a small black streak on the lower caudal. Has like 3 metallic scales total. http://i1150.photobu...ngletails05.jpg Finny. The orange and black you see on here is pretty much all she got. A few metallic scales. A couple tiny orange and black markings on the fins. http://i1150.photobu...ngletails14.jpg http://i1150.photobu...ngletails10.jpg Trooper with his gorgeous "red cheeks". Just like Buttons, only a tiny black streak on lower caudal, almost no metallic scales http://i1150.photobu...ngletails16.jpg
  12. As the title says, only the single tails. These guys sure are my favorite breed/s. I hadn't realized how big the little guys actually have gotten, until I saw them together with Hugo and Kimahri. Little Finny is (despite the missing tail) almost as long as Kimahri. Of course the photos do not really show this because fish naturally do not want to stay perfectly still next to each other for proper comparison shots And me camera is so AMAZING when it comes to perspective, that even 10.5" Hugo looks teeny when she is near the back of the tank I can also confirm for good that Kimahri, Trooper and Buttons are boys, all three of them sport quite some breeding stars, and I am guessing Finny and Tilty are girls. Like I just said, my camera made Hugo shrink to about half her size Kimahri is such a beautiful fish Kimahri, Tilty and Trooper guarding the bubble disk What's left of the pothos roots - the fish successfully managed to destroy that plant These two look so amazing together. Shubunkins FTW Buttons' left gill plate is curled outward, but it does not seem to be an issue. Also, epic photobomb by their mommy. "I FOUND THE MAGIC GLOBE!!" Finny sure inherited Hugo's psychotic eyes Everyone loves nibbling on the algae wall Kiss me I'm a princess 'sup. Them colors Tilty has the same herp-a-derp face as Orange Fishie had.
  13. Okay... So I'm new to this site and I'm new to fish-keeping, I'm 12, and I wandered why my fish was pooping long thin white strands, and struggling to push it out, I google'd it, and found out it has a bacterial infection, but I don't have enough money to buy any treatment for it yet, the next day, i fed it as normal, and went downstairs, came up to my bedroom to find my fish pooping, only it was normal, i thought his body had fought off the infection, and thought nothing else of it, but then at night he struggled as usual pooping white strands again, this has only happened 2 nights in a row, but I don't want my fourth fish to die can anyone help me? T
  14. I work at a big chain pet store and noticed that the newest shipment of small feeder goldfish had a lot of very young 1/4" fish. Since Baloo and Casper didn't make it I decided to buy 3 of the little guys. I am hoping at least one survives. The healthiest of the 3 has a long caudal fin and appears to be calico. They're in QT being medicated with Lifeguard(any other suggestions, two have flashed, one isn't extending his dorsal fin and the other is clamped but active?)<- maybe thats another topic. So here's the possible shubunkin. The other two I think it's too early to determine if they're commons or comets.
  15. In my 30g tank is my Shubunkin (Japanese) and my Chinese Algae Eater. Here's some photos of my Shubunkin (Stripey Fishy). When I first got Stripey Fishy she had lived in a 1 gallon tank with two fantails, I offered to take them in and the lady let me have them at the time my tank would have been overstocked with the three and my own two, so I sent the three to my favorite LFS who takes great care with their stock.. soon after I had to shut down my tank for a while, when I got it started up again I went to my favorite LFS.. and I found Stripey Fishy!
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